#Superwomen2019 There is a lot we can achieve if we choose to work together: Tarunjeet Rattan, Nucleus PR

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Tarunjeet Rattan

With 18+ years of experience as a communication professional, Tarunjeet Rattan shares her journey in an exclusive interview with Social Samosa.

Tarunjeet Rattan was always hooked on to the energy of an entrepreneur. She takes us through her passion and the secret to being a #Superwoman2019.

How would you define a Superwoman in today's day and age? 

One who can create and is happy with her balance of work, family, and me-time without letting the pundits dictate her schedule and getting to her conscious. 

One who is happy and content with her own pace of growth and definition of success. 

One quality that you think every superwoman has and that helped you win Social Samosa Superwomen...

Determination and grit. 

How successful have women been in shattering the glass ceiling in the Media & Advertising field? Does the 'boardroom inequality' phrase still stand true? 

Women have been able to make a considerable dent in the glass ceiling and a lot of them have broken through too. However, there is still lots to do and a lot of responsibility is on the workplace itself and also the media field to ensure they acknowledge and throw light on the achievements of women who become role models for others in their village, city, state, country, and more.  

One of the most prevailing and interesting biases that exist in India is the ‘Tug of War’ bias where women reported that they must compete with their female colleagues to get the one “woman’s spot” available. This turns the small women community in the workplace against each other and eats into the mentorship/collaborative/sisterhood spirit and is detrimental to everything we are trying to achieve as per the reference link.

What are the key changes this industry needs to make workplaces gender-neutral, safe and nurturing?  

We need to be more mindful of the way we address and interact with women and men in the workplace and our regular lives. 

Media is a very strong medium through which the right messaging can be communicated. The media industry again shoulders a lot of responsibility on creating the right perception of women across sectors.

Workplace bias elimination also needs strong support from the workplaces itself to be successfully addressed. Organizations must understand, acknowledge and work towards supporting their set policies (ensure it is not just a good PR talk point) and upholding the set decorum.  

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One Superpower you wish you had? 

Time travel! (Because I want to see the Giza pyramids in their full glory and maybe sneak-a-peek at a possible Star trek future)  

The 'Superwomen' you diligently follow and who inspired you... 


are two women who have greatly inspired me:

My Mother: Verjeet Rattan – She has always been my source of strength and inspiration. A lifelong mentor, she held my hand and gave me the courage to fight my own battles even though she was all ready to jump in by my side. She coached and prepared me for life-changing situations even when I was too stubborn to hear her then. She continues to do so even today. 

Oprah Winfrey – She is a woman after my own heart. All the challenges life threw at her, she leveraged it to build a better life for herself and grow stronger. Her determination and grit pushed her to rise above them and make a life for herself that she is happy with.

One tip to women out there attempting to scale heights... 


each other in the workplace and in life. There is so much we can all achieve

only if we choose to work together.


you reach the position you want to, mentor your juniors and support them. Pay

it forward.

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