[Masterclass] Social media trends to watch out for 2020

Ignacio Aguirre lists out social media trends brands and influencers should include in their marketing strategy for 2020.

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Ignacio Aguirre lists out social media trends brands and influencers should include in their marketing strategy for 2020.

In a Masterclass on Influencer Marketing, Ignacio Aguirre dissected the new buzzword and shared insights on what to expect for 2020. The social media horizons are bound to be pushed with the emergence of new beginnings and possibilities. Here's an exclusive sneak peek into the social media trends brands and influencers should watch out for 2020.

Trend #1: TikTok will be part of your marketing strategy

TikTok has emerged as a mass platform with a very diverse reach in India. With 120 million active users on the platform, it is indeed an important platform for brands to leverage. Some, like Pepsi and Lay's, have indeed done so and well. The most interesting thing about the TikTok is how easy and fun the videos feel on the app because of the music element that holds together the campaign being run.

Trend #2: Social media wellness will be an essential part of your consumer engagement

People are trying to cut down on the time they spend on social media. This has, in fact, given rise to various apps that help monitor the time being spent online. Instagram, too, has a feature where it helps users track the time they spend on the app. This means that if brands want to engage with people, they will have to really stand out and give people something they feel is worth their time and doesn't negatively impact their health, especially mental health.

Trend #3: AR &VR will be used effectively in your marketing

In order to stand out and engage with users effectively, it is important to give them an experience worth their time. Brands cannot just bombard them with advertisements and hope they will buy a product. The better way to go on about this is to reel them in with newer technology. This includes Augmentation Reality and Virtual Reality options that can give audiences a taste of the product or the brand and hopefully convert them into buyers.

Trend #4: You will use artificial intelligence. And love it!

For a marketer, number crunching is a hobby. Making sense of excel sheets and driving conclusions is a fun task. However, there are limitations to the level of productivity that can be expected from a person. With the help of artificial intelligence, decisions can be made with ease for the human mind involved in the process can be left alone to strategise. The scut work can be left for AI to figure, leading to better decisions and use of manpower.

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Trend #5: Gen Z will only engage if you do more than sell products

Gen Z has too much to do and too little time. Too many brands want their attention. They have too many options to choose from. In such a scenario, a clear advertisement cannot work. A brand can't simply go for selling a product. It is important for the brand to give consumers a reason to associate with it, to drive brand loyalty. The communication should have a pinch of meaning to it. And, it is equally important for the brand to really stand by what they say and not just indulge in lip service.

Trend #6: Your influencer marketing will go small to go big

While going for influencers who have massive fan following can help a brand spread the word wide and clear, nano and micro-influencers are what they should really look into seriously. These are the people who might have lesser followers but those are the ones that really care about the messaging being put forth. Here, conversions are bound to be easier and the communication way more authentic and effective.

Trend #7: You will invest in user-generated content

User-generated content is a vertical, brands should explore and leverage smartly. This is where they are likely to see positive traction as well as push for conversions. Performance marketing can be effective when audiences and consumers feel like custodians of the brand and willingly engage and create relevant content. A brand should be a friend of the consumer, one that listens, understands behaviours and responds to triggers.

The event was conducted after the launch of Talkwalker & Social Samosa report on Influencer Marketing. You can download it from here.

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