#TheMilkmansJourney: Amul uncovers the life and work of Dr. Verghese Kurien

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#TheMilkmansJourney: Amul uncovers the life and work of Dr. Verghese Kurien

To pay tribute to Dr. Verghese Kurien on his 98th birthday, Amul initiated a National Milk Day bike rally which kick-starts from Varanasi and is to end at Anand, Gujarat. A look at the Amul National Milk Day campaign, The Milkman's Journey

Dr Kurien continues to be at the centre of all the communication as part of the Amul National Milk Day campaign 2019. The campaign in its full swing is updating every step of the bikers on the Amul Twitter account using hashtags #celebratingDrKurien #bikerally #VaranasitoAnand, and #26November.

The objective is to introduce young India and inspire them to be purpose-driven and motivated in their lives. On social media, Amul has created 3 sets of communication as part of pre-event promotion.

As part of the 3rd edition of the bike rally, a group of 50 riders are covering a distance of 2500KMs from Varanasi to Anand and meeting dairy farmers, dairy professional, and institutions such as Parag, Sanchi, and Amul which were created by Dr. Kurien.

This journey is daily captured through Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube Live and 60 seconds films are also promoted. Thank You, Dr Kurien - a small 70-seconds film on Dr Kurien was also released on social media.

The plan is to leverage each platform on its strength and to maximize it to speak to the young generation who are active on it. The brand live streams the rally 4-5 times a day on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. The footage is captured on GoPro from the rider’s perspective giving an immersive experience to the viewers.

The second set of 60-seconds Vignettes narrates the experience of the riders as they meet the key stakeholders of the dairy industry - dairy farmers, dairy professionals and learn about their journey which was inspired by Dr. Kurien.

R S Sodhi, Managing Director at GCMMF Ltd (Amul) told Social Samosa, “Real-time live streaming is a conscious choice to engage the viewers as close to the experience and the challenges the riders face and give them a first-person view of each event. It has been well-received on social media by our viewers.”

Daily digital posts talk about Dr. Kurien, the rally and the riders. These act as an interim conversation while the video and live streaming continue to drive the main communication.

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He added “We have a team of riders who have been part of previous editions of National Milk Day rally 1.0 and 2.0. They are given the responsibility of mentoring the new riders who are joining us this year from across India. Our 50 riders represent 20 out of 28 states of India and are working in the dairy industry and have volunteered to participate.”

On the occasion of the National Milk Day rally campaign 2018, two rallies took to the roads and highways for the celebrations, one from Jammu to Gujarat and the other from Rann of Kutch to Anand.

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