Twitter Topics: New way to consume content you like

Twitter Topics

In a bid to facilitate personalisation of content being consumed on mobile, the micro-blogging platform rolls out Twitter Topics.

This week, Twitter has released a new feature for mobile users — Twitter Topics. This will let users follow topics in a fashion similar to the way they follow other users on the platform. These could range from sports to K-pop. The move is expected to enhance the experience of mobiles users on the platform, who will have access to the option from next week.

The platform will also give users the option to mute a topic if they wish to avoid seeing it for a while. With the feature, Twitter is making it easier for users to consume content around niche topics that they feel interested in.

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“When you follow a Topic, you’ll see relevant tweets that are about that topic in your timeline. It’s a great way to keep up w/ your interests without having to know (or follow) all the right people,” tweeted Kayvon Beykpour, Product Lead at Twitter.

The feature will allow users to follow specific topics on a curated list. It will help them keep in the know about what is being talked about on Twitter in regards to the topics of their interest. These topics will not be trending topics, rather things like football or cricket that are likely to stay relevant to people for a long time.