Agency Feature: Squareit Solutions

Who are we?

Squareit Solutions is a Digital Marketing Agency with skills and expertise to facilitate complex business solutions. Our Expert’s Squad is continuously working on modern strategies and tools with vast experience to carry out our Digital promotional projects. We have made a stronghold on Digital Marketing Services in recent years.

Also, we provide different types of business solutions for Digital Marketing including Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click, YouTube Marketing, Video Promotion, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, and others.

What’s in the name?

The word “Squareit” represents the efforts and excellence our employees invests to complete the whole Square. Square indicates our company’s roles and responsibilities towards the client, where the later part “It” represents the process we as an agency attempt to complete the whole square through our services towards the clients.

With respect to the logo of our company that is a picture of a Square with four different colors Royal Blue, Natural Green, Vibrant Red, and Authentic Yellow- All of them represent the basic nature of our company towards the approach we set for our work objectives.

What do we do?

Our prime focus is on producing excellent business solutions for our clients. From website development, content management, creative design to digital marketing services, we aim to deliver not only better but a combination of uniqueness with the best quality services you’ve ever experienced.

YouTube Marketing, Video Promotion, YouTube Monetization, Business to business is also one of the prime services that we offer to our clients.

Why we do it?

“Traditional is gone, digital is in”, our slogan itself symbolizes the reason we came up with this kind of business. Seeing the requirement in the change of traditional marketing is one of the top reasons for entering the world of Digital Marketing with other business solutions.

Since the field of Digital marketing is taking over the whole wide world, changes in the field of marketing in the last couple of decades gave birth to the urgency of shifting the business online.

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How we evolve?

The scenario of digital marketing is growing day by day. We do every possible thing to stay in tune with rapid improvisation in the methods and strategies of Digital Marketing.

Our core idea for growth is to keep experimenting with fresh ideas and development in the field of digital marketing. Throughout time, our level of work has evolved by experimenting on a different set of strategies.

Handling challenging clients and projects is another factor in our evolution in the field of digital marketing.

Social responsibility in social media

Being an IT Solutions and a digital marketing company, we understand the nature of our industry as well as clients. We carry out smart strategies to present our client’s work with honesty and liability to provide the best performance so far.

Acknowledging the fact about a digital scenario where anyone is open to discuss and express their knowledge and experience, we as an agency, respect and consider the point of view of our competitive agencies as well.  

The need of the hour

When it comes to social media, the approval of content and posts takes unnecessary time which draws a halt in the process of advertising smooth and quick.

Google advertising support cell is comparatively better than Facebook. While advertising with Facebook, the major issue which occurs is of “approval”. Long duration pending reviews create a lot of trouble for us in terms of quick and best advertising for our clients.

We learned the hard way

Even though the path of entering the world of the online market never seems too easy, still we gave our best possible efforts to deal with it patiently.

The most difficult thing is to perform well with peer pressure from our competitors in the same stream.

Did we just share that?

“Well there are lots of them; some clients are sweet as sugar where others go nuts real quick”.

They work with us

We have worked with almost 100 plus clients to date and still engaged in the process of multiplying this number. Projects on which we have worked with our clients are real estate, e-commerce, educational institutes, health and wellness, events, and news portals.

With each different project, we attempt different objectives, approach, and set of rules.

The industry as we foresee

Though the industry we work looks even more challenging in the coming years. The marketing landscape has increased to new heights with every passing day and there are lots of revolutions that can take place in the near future. 

A day without Internet

Though the Internet is one of the most significant aspects of such a type of industry, still we manage to find other ways to create our best business possibilities.

In case our internet is down, we perform other activities such as group discussions about creative strategies that can prove to be a milestone in the near future.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Those who have the will to think out of the box are more than welcome.