Brand Saga: A Recap of iconic brands’ quintessential journey

Brand Saga

As we inch closer to the end of 2019, Social Samosa takes a look back at the journey of capturing the tale of iconic brands under the umbrella of ‘Brand Saga’.

Even after years – and I can vouch for that – even if we grow old enough to not remember some of our friends’ names, even if we are aged to wrinkles, there are some things that have left an eternal mark and refuse to fade away. Some of those are jingles, ads, and campaigns that have been entertaining us and getting us to fall in love with them one ad a time.

Be it the brother-sister duo of Surf Excel commercials motivating us to celebrate ‘daag’ kyuki ‘Daag Achhe Hain’ or the Maggi noodles that saved every hotelier’s with #MeAndMeriMaggi to Cadbury Celebrations TVCs that brought life to the festive vibes with ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye’ or be it our quest for ‘Thanda Matlab Coca Cola’ or when the whole of India hummed to the tunes of ‘Hamara Bajaj’.

Brand Saga, in simple words, is an ode to the unstoppable journey of these iconic brands where we trace their advertising stints since the inception and progress further to unravel the untold saga of their marketing run. While most of the veteran brands adopted a similar route kicking off the brand buzz through traditional paths like print, radio, and television, a few new-age brands like Paperboat thumped on the internet population and leveraged digital to start with.

The articles voyage across defining the brand’s advertising journey, sometimes from the horses’ mouth themselves and also featuring a few industry natives narrating their version of the brand in some. A few can also be seen sharing their fondest memories with the brands.  

Next, up it becomes imperative to decode the irreproachable marketing strategies and the kind of differentiating factors that make one’s brand persona stronger and its presence felt even after decades of establishing their identity. Lastly, the saga shifts its spotlight on the brand’s presence on digital and how have they utilized the modern medium to stay relevant apart from mentioning its key and memorable campaigns over the years.

Very close to my heart and no less than a brand case study, this series has covered 34 iconic Indian brands to date- the latest one being Vodafone India which was divided into three parts owing to its rich and vast marketing history.

Here we present to you a compilation of all the Brand Sagas to date taking you a trip down the memory lane one brand marketing tale a time.

This was only a glimpse into the thirty plus saga gallery. To explore more brands and voyage across their journey click here.

Meanwhile, we sit to decipher and figure out which brand awaits to occupy the upcoming slots.