Brand Saga: Recap Part 2 - Iconic Brand Journeys

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Brand Saga Recap Part 2

With the new year just around the corner, we take you through the recap of the nostalgic tale of the next 10 iconic brand journeys, diligently encapsulated under ‘Brand Saga’.

Our love for some of the iconic brands only grows intense with each year when we go down the memory lane of some nostalgic ads that are quintessential to jingles, ads, taglines, and much more. Striving to summarize the path of advertising for these brands leaves you nothing short of a lump in your throat as they bring back so many endearing memories, one marketing tale at a time.

Be it the journey of making India 'Incredible or be it ‘Swaad Bhare Shakti Bhare’ Parle-G’s journey of geniuses or the power of the ‘Chaar Boondo Wala’ jingle for Ujala - the saga for marketing these brands are deeply embedded in the minds of the consumers.

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From Medimix’s 5-decade long journey of making Ayurveda accessible to the love for ‘Rasna’ that refused to fade, etching its names in the minds of the young and the old alike - Brand Saga captures these tales with precision.

With a treasure-crest of 30+ iconic Indian brands, it becomes imperative to present the second set of the recap for the series. These include prominent names such as Vicks, Rasna, Parle G, OLX, and more. Believe us when we say this - some of these sagas have kept us awake through the night. The sheer number of campaigns and the abundance of creativity was difficult to capture. But here it is.

Here's a look at the next 10 Brand Sagas, taking you through the tour of some of your favorite brands to date.

While we decipher the next brand to fit the bill of our prominent section of Brand Saga, you need to wait for the last recap from the 2019 series.

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