Case Study: How used social media to create product awareness

Highlighting the confusion faced by buyers for mattresses from offline stores, presented a comical take on the issue while educating consumers about their product.

Category Introduction

The mattress market is pegged at INR 10,000 crores as of 2016 and is expected to grow to INR 14,000 crore by 2021, as per industry reports.

India is the second most sleep-deprived country in the world, as per a global report.’s annual survey Great Indian Sleep Scorecard’s 2019 report showed that 45% of people feel a better mattress is what could make a difference in their sleep health.

Brand Introduction is a research and innovation-driven sleep solutions company established in March 2016. It was founded with a vision to democratize sleep in India. It aims to create cutting-edge sleep products at its manufacturing plant in Bengaluru at an affordable price by optimizing costs through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) model.


Honest Offline Buying

In an effort to highlight the confusion that consumers face when they set out to buy a mattress, created a long-format video – a comical take on the bewildering mattress shopping experience that is common to any local offline store.

The video showcases the gaps in the offline buying model and offers online buying from a trustworthy company as a solution.

Problem Statement/Objective

The offline buying experience is sub-optimal since high-quality mattresses made of memory foam are extremely expensive, there is a lack of innovation in product development and the front-end salesmen interfacing with customers are not well-equipped with the knowledge about sleep health. 

Brief wanted to create a shift in the minds of the consumers who have always perceived a mattress purchase to be an offline experience. Testing a mattress in a store with hundreds of options and making a decision on a single day, within a limited time period, tends to get consumers to buy expensive sleep products that they get stuck with for a long time.

The human body usually takes anywhere between 30 to 90 days to get used to a new mattress. Therefore, the video aims to educate consumers on the ease of buying a mattress online, while giving them the assurance that if the product does not suit them, they have the flexibility of returning it within a 100 nights.

Creative Idea

A comical and humorous take on what a consumer goes through when they visit a local mattress store.

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The execution strategy was primarily led on YouTube since it was a long-format video. Promotions were geared towards YouTube, while social media posts and influencer engagement formed a smaller focus area for this campaign.

The details of the same are as below: 


The Honest Mattress Shopping video has been promoted on YouTube with three different ad formats: Contextual targeting, Home feed ads, and Skippable video ads optimized for views.   


The video was posted natively on our social platforms (Facebook and Instagram via IGTV), but not promoted as it is a long-format video.


Apart from hosting the video natively on the brand’s social channels, it was also seeded on the BuddyBits Facebook Page, to reach a wider audience. The brand has not been kept at the forefront so that the content gains viewership on its own merit of being a good, standalone comical piece

Honest Mattress Buying

Discounts ke naam pe dokha! This honest mattress buying video will crack you up. ?

Posted by BuddyBits on Tuesday, 12 November 2019


  • 2.1 million YouTube views on the video within 2 weeks.
  • 2x increase in the subscriber base, grown to 4,750.
  • 886,000 Views, 298 Comments 1,500 Shares and 12,790 reactions on BuddyBits.
  • Activated targeted community of prospective brand loyalists online through Wakefit’s native videos.


Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, Director and Co-founder, said, “The mattress market has been dormant for almost a decade, with lack of research & innovation, large scale operational inefficiencies, inflated costs and poor customer service.

The campaign highlights the state of offline mattress buying from a prospective buyer’s perspective. It also aims to convey Wakefit’s DNA of product research and customer-centricity, by communicating the benefits of buying from a trustworthy brand online.”