#DecadeSamosa: 10 years of trending, boycotting & uniting

#DecadeSamosa Social Samosa brings you a list of the biggest headlines made by Twitter over the last ten years. Twitter history, unfolds now

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Twitter history

As a part of #DecadeSamosa, Social Samosa brings you a list of the biggest headlines made by Twitter over the last ten years. Twitter history, unfolds now.

Over the years, Twitter has transformed from a platform in search of users and making it a palatable option to one that is leveraging its userbase. Twitter history, especially from the last 10 years is proof of that.

Initially touted as a platform for intellectuals or opinion creators, Twitter later evolved as a source for information (this of course, also had its cons) and a platform for people to band together. In the interest of user-friendly AI, Twitter's 140 character limit was also doubled - a move many condemned.

On the marketing front, Twitter took some time to find out what clicks. But once it did, Promoted tweets, branded emojis, branded cards, and more found their way in Twitter's ad suite.

Twitter can also be credited with catalyzing behavioral changes among social media users. Boycotting and embracing of brands, personalities or even instances became a norm. #MeToo stormed the world - a prominent event from Twitter history.

For #DecadeSamosa, we take a look at Twitter history and journey over the decade, tracing the last ten years of Twitter.

April 2010: Twitter launches Promoted Tweets

June 2010: Geotag tweets with Twitter Places

August 2010: Websites get Tweet button

October 2010: Dick Costolo becomes Twitter CEO

October 2010: Twitter hires 300th full-time employee

February 2011: Twitter launches new Translation Center

April 2011: Micro-blogging site updates homepage

May 2011: Follow websites on Twitter with Follow button

July 2011: Twitter celebrates one million registered apps

July 2011: Twitter acquired social analytics platform BackType

August 2011: Share photos on Twitter natively

August 2011: All Twitter users to get same experience

December 2011: Revamp design to help more people get tweeting

February 2012: Yandex adds tweets to search results

March 2012: Twitterverse turns 6, 140 million users strong

April 2012: Twitter enters Detroit, expands in Dublin

June 2012: Only-bird logo to be micro-blogging site's new identity

July 2012: Twitter adds Nokia users to experience fold

October 2012: Now, Vine as you Tweet!

November 2012: Users to see new tweets on top in Discover tab

December 2012: Now tweet filtered pictures

December 2012: Twitter now has 200M monthly active users

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April 2013: iPhone users can now listen to #music

August 2013: Twitter acquires real-time social data company Trendrr

September 2013: Twitter acquires MoPub, focuses on mobile advertising

November 2013: Twitter prices IPO

December 2013: Users can now DM pictures on Twitter

March 2014: Photo tag support for up to four photos

April 2014: Twitter UI natively supports Emojis

June 2014: Tap Commerce to help Twitter re-target ads

June 2014: With SnappyTV, Twitter taps on live TV

July 2014: Twitter releases diversity data report

December 2014: Twitter improves ways to flag abusive tweets

January 2015: Indian start-up ZipDial gets acquired by Twitter

January 2015: Recap made easy with While You Were Away

February 2015: Twitter to support Vine creators with Niche

February 2015: Collaboration made easy with TweetDeck Teams

March 2015: Partner Audiences: A micro-blogging gift to marketers

March 2015: Now live stream video in a tweet with Periscope

March 2015: Curator: New way to find, display tweets

April 2015: Twitter welcomes TenXer and TellApart to the flock

May 2015: Tweets take flight in the Google app

June 2015: Jack Dorsey to be Twitter's interim CEO

June 2015: Extending machine learning horizon, Twitter acquires Whetlab

July 2015: Micro-blogging giant acquires Mitro, to open source product

September 2015: Buy button makes tweet commerce easy

October 2015: Twitter introduces Polls with two choices

October 2015: Moments: Latest addition to tweet curation

October 2015: Omid Kordestani Joins Twitter as Executive Chairman

November 2015: Twitter extends Poll features

February 2016: GIFs become searchable in Tweet compose

March 2016: Twitter turns 10!

March 2016: Twitter makes images accessible for visually impaired

June 2016: Twitter enables native video support

June 2016: Magic Pony Technology now under Twitter's fold

June 2016: Quoted Retweets available to all

June 2016: Now tweet photos with stickers on them

July 2016: Android Twitter gets dark mode

August 2016: Twitter extends dark mode feature to iOS

September 2016: Trailing URL to be separate from 140 characters

October 2016: End of the road for Vine

November 2016: India head Rishi Jaitly bids Twitter goodbye

November 2016: Adam Bains steps down as Twitter COO

November 2016: Andrew Adashek and Marcus Mabry quit Twitter

December 2016: Twitter CTO Adam Messinger quits company

December 2016: Josh McFarland, VP Product, quits micro-blogging platform

December 2016: Twitter buys Yes Inc, gets Keith Coleman as VP Product

January 2017: Vine gets exclusive online archive

January 2017: Google buys Fabric off Twitter's plate

January 2017: Explore, a new section on Twitter

April 2017: Twitter allows full replies, removes ‘replying to’

November 2017: Now tweet in 280 characters, not 140

December 2017: Everyone in India now has access to Moments

December 2017: Twitter introduces threads

January 2018: News alerts gain momentum

March 2018: Now use Bookmarks to save and share tweets

March 2018: Twitter rolls out sponsored Moments in India

March 2018: Twitter introduces Timestamps

March 2018: No more cryptocurrency ads on Twitter

June 2018: In-Stream Video Ads now available to all advertisers globally

August 2018: Hashtags turn 11

August 2018: Twitter Lite launched in India

September 2018: Best tweets to be displayed first

September 2018: Live steam tweets to be showed on top

October 2018: Tweets in Moments can now have annotations for credibility

November 2018: Sections get sub-section for new, sports, fun tweets

February 2019: Now add up to 3 guests on a live stream

March 2019: Twttr to be used for testing new features

March 2019: Timing is Everything: Twitter's new tool for publishers

May 2019: Brands can now tweet carousel ads for app installs

May 2019: Tweetdecks gets new features

May 2019: Now retweet with GIFs, photos, videos

June 2019: List feeds may become swipeable!

June 2019: You can no longer tag precise location in tweets

June 2019: Twitter simplifies language and structure of rules

July 2019: Twitter launches offline #Tweetups

July 2019: Twitter introduces LiveCut for video publishing

July 2019: Controversial tweets policy gets updated

July 2019: Author tweets may get icons for differentiation

August 2019: Jack Dorsey's handle gets hacked

August 2019: Twitter shifts focus to API

August 2019: Now get pinged for new replies on interesting tweets

August 2019: Twitter announces 6-second video bid unit to advertisers

September 2019: Now, rearrange photos easily while drafting a tweet

October 2019: Twitter bans political advertising globally

October 2019: Review process behind tweets clarified

November 2019: Topics: A new way to consume tweet content

November 2019: Now you can hide replies on your tweet

November 2019: Twitter updates political advertising policy

December 2019: Brand surveys to help businesses measure better

Twitter history was captured as part of Decade Samosa. Read the Editor's Note for an understanding of the property and a quick summary of the decade.

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