[Editor's Note] #DecadeSamosa: Capturing the journey to becoming thumb-friendly

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Decade Samosa

As we launch our decennary round-up series, Decade Samosa, here's an understanding of the thought behind capturing the events of the last 10 years.

The fact that the decade is ending, hit us as a team in a pretty benign conversation. With this came the realization of how dramatically the industry has changed and thus, was born Decade Samosa.

If this were a movie, the last decade would be the sci-fi phase where technology radically evolved.

We don’t have genetically inspired robots or a human social grading system yet (yes, Black Mirror has scarred us all), but, we do have AI assistants who can control AC’s temperature and wake us up in the morning (and sometimes record a fight with our spouse and send it to entire contact base, by mistake, of course).  


evolution of tech, rather the evolution of human behavior reflects in every

aspect of the existence and subsequently in the Marketing & Advertising


In the last decade, the M & A industry evolved from selling products to selling needs to selling causes to selling moments, all the while battling consumer’s innate resistance towards ads.

During this journey, we saw Gondappa celebrate his child’s life. We saw a transgender mother and even a band. We saw Indian states invite tourists and brands rising up to voice for those displaced by natural calamities. We aced causes but were also accused of woke-washing.

We played Farmville and made confessions, we united under a hashtag, we became more temporary with Stories, we unwittingly shared our information, we boycotted a few brands and embraced some too. We lip-synced to songs and learned from DIYs. We began seeing the world vertically.

Messages became DMs, headshots became DP, browsing became scrolling, selfie became the word of the year, influencing became a profession. Agencies merged, newer conglomerates were formed. CEOs came and went. But Mark Zuckerberg prevailed...

We prevailed, just a little differently than we started. A little more temporary, a little more demanding, a little more understanding, and a little too sensitive.

This decade has been life-changing and not just for the 90s kids. The ups and downs were exhilarating. Decade Samosa is an attempt to capture all that transpired – with a little bit of nostalgia and many takeaways.

Join us in the journey, as we tread through the changing phases of marketing campaigns, the evolution of social media platforms, un-conditioning from age-old marketing axioms, and truly a lot more.

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