Instagram Stories Updates: Shoutout, Poses, Layouts

Paawan Sunam
New Update

Instagram is introducing new features for Stories while testing updates such as Poses, and Layouts.


Instagram Stories Updates includes Shoutout, a feature you can use to share customized wishes on celebratory days, such as a birthday or anniversary.

When you choose a person you want to give a shoutout to by inputting their Instagram handle, and the platform will list all the stories and posts you have tagged the person in.

The feature is available in the Create mode of Instagram Stories.

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Group Stories

Instagram has begun rolling out the option to create Group Stories. The feature lets you collaborate on a private story with friends. Group members can see or add to the Story. The feature began being tested in October 2019.

#Testing: Poses

The platform is testing a Stories Camera mode, which clicks four pictures, one per three seconds, stitches them together and shows it in a stop-motion effect.

#Testing: Layouts

A split-screen grid for posting multiple pictures in one frame is being tested. There are several options such as a four-part split, two-part horizontal split and more. Users can create a collage by choosing different formats.

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