Snapchat tests AR experience for brands - Snapchat Scan

Paawan Sunam
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Snapchat Scan

Snapchat Scan, the feature that unlocks a new AR experience by scanning the logo of a brand has been rolled out in the testing phase.

McDonald's and Coca Cola are the first brands to test Snapchat Scan. The Snapchat Camera recognizes the brand logo and opens a branded AR Experience.

Along with giving fun and interactive branded AR experience, brands can also include promotional activities such as discounts and more, based on the context of the experience.

Snapchat has a patent filed called 'Object recognition based photo filters' to safeguard this technology from duplicators.

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It's unclear how the experience would help to attract a consumer since they would need to have the product around in the first place to unlock the experience. Although, the feature might help to retain existing consumers.

Snapchat is advancing further while keeping the camera at its core. From Snapcodes for adding users, and watching series, till Visual Search - that let users search for products on Amazon by scanning the product or its camera, they've reinvented the Scan feature at various stages.

Snapchat is also penetrating the movie-marketing business with Lenses for various feature films such as Venom, Shazam! and most recently Top Gun. Branded Lenses and AR Experiences are turning out to be a significant stage of development for the platform and social media marketing.

Screenshot Credits: Adweek

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