Twitter Brand Surveys tool launched

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Twitter Brand Surveys

The platform has rolled out Twitter Brand Surveys in select markets to aid brands and agencies.

The tool - Twitter Brand Surveys would help brands understand which specific Tweets drove the highest lift. Brands would have access to this feature for all sorts of campaigns - small or large.

This tool is available for all managed accounts in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Brazil as of now.

The feature would help shape campaigns according to cultural relevance, and set effective marketing objectives to achieve branding goals. Here are more highlights of the tool.

Media Spend

As Twitter Brand Surveys is a 1st party solution, it requires a minimum media spend requirement. You can contact your Twitter account rep to learn more about the minimum spend in your region.

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Insights through Creative Attribution

The Creative Attribution model has been developed to identify the Promoted Tweet or In-Stream Video Ad responsible for high and low brand lift.

The model delves into how certain elements of your campaign and creatives are driving brand lift. Marketers can further learn about more factors affecting the brand lift such as frequency of ad exposure, message association and more.

Reporting Turnaround

Twitter attempts to deliver reports to clients within 10 business days after the campaign ends.

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