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Plan B

How do we define Plan B?

We are Plan B, a mainline creative and digital agency based out of Bangalore. The digital marketing division of the mainline agency is Plan B Digital.


in the name?

Plan B entered the world of branding and advertising with one and a half chairs, two people and a burning desire to do the right thing – to provide world-class thinking and ideas that deliver results for the clients' business. This was in direct contrast to an industry obsessed with awards and self-promotion.

The agency began on January 1, 2006.

What we do?

Social Media Marketing, Digital Creative, Content, ORM, Online Video, Email marketing, Media planning and buying, Website design

Why we do it?

Is there a need for a reason in 2019? Digital is no longer an afterthought but drives communication across categories.


we evolve?

We keep strategy at the heart of what we do and then work with digital platforms to implement that strategy. We keep ourselves abreast of all trends in the industry but will not give you a Tik Tok strategy if you don’t need it!

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Social responsibility in social media

There are processes in place to minimize problems. We have a responsibility to create content that does not harm or vilify any person or organization.

The need of the hour


and better ideas that create impact

We learned the hard way

Good ideas will take time, don’t just be an agency that posts on a daily basis, use technology to fuel consumer behavior.


work with us

We work across categories from FMCG, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Technology, and start-ups.  Some of the prominent names include Unibic Cookies,  Florsheim Shoes, Attilio, Onesta Pizzas and a host of start-ups.

The industry as we foresee


industry will only grow with a stronger focus on integration with mainline

A day without Internet


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