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How do you define SocioLoca?

Everyone wants to have a voice online and in these

digital times where there is only a thin line separating the real from the

virtual, SocioLoca was established as a Digital Marketing Agency in Pune, India

to help facilitate that.

We provide modernist design solutions and Digital Marketing Services that help businesses and entrepreneurs level the playing field in the battle against their competitors

What's in the name?

It was simple, Socio means Social and Loca means

crazy. Socio being an abbreviation of the Social which involves people and

channels or networks that people connect on and we serve as a mediator for

them. We think outside the box, we strive to deliver outside the box and we are

absolutely crazy about what we do and how we do it. This was probably the

easiest decision we faced when we started off.

What do we do?

SocioLoca is a full-service digital marketing agency delivering measurable results in direct proportion to the resources put into the effort. With a diverse and enthusiastic team, we have managed to come up with strategies to upgrade traffic, create more engagement and rank websites for many brands over the past 5 years.

We provide a wide array of digital marketing services

that include SMM, SEM, Branding, Reputation Management, Graphic Designing,

Content Marketing, Web Designing & Development, Graphics Video and Motion

Graphics, and many more which cater to companies around the world.

Why do we do it?

Entering the field of digital marketing can be quite daunting for any business. We saw tremendous scope for creativity in how one can communicate, what company cultures can be instilled, what ideas can be pursued and how to empower others. Our area outside our comfort zone slowly became our favorite area to live in and hence the creative field was a perfect choice.

A Few minutes to create something that becomes viral and we definitely love being a part of it. We combine ideas, creativity and implement multimedia, multi-channel strategy to connect to a brand's target audience across multiple social media channels.

How do we evolve?

We started off purely as a Social Media Marketing, specializing in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With time, we grew to a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency because we never said ‘no’ to change and our team embraced it with serenity and hard work. This wouldn’t have been possible without their dedication.

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Social responsibility in social media

With power comes responsibility. Being a brand's voice

is power- which also means we have a responsibility on our shoulders.

Building a trustworthy brand online for our clients,

building a responsible online community and curating mindful content of what we

say, share and convey is our priority.

The need of the hour

There is enough Creative Content floating around, the

need of the hour is Relevant Content. Relevant content lets us create an

impeccable brand presence and online credibility for all the brands we've

worked with.

We learned the hard way

Nothing can teach things better than our own past

mistakes. So, if there’s anything that we always followed through is

double-checking everything that we did. We took the double-tap of Zombie Night

quite seriously. Be it data, figures, strategies or anything under the

industry’s umbrella, we made sure that everything was examined, verified and

cross-checked again.

Did we just share that?

Here’s something different! We had to do promotions for

an event for an F&B client. So the post to start the promotion was a

screenshot of the WhatsApp chat with our client in which the event details were

mentioned. To our surprise, we got a great response to that post!

They work with us

Hospitality: Thikana, Incognito, Effingut, Forennte, Irish Village, Murphies, Hoppipola, 1000 Oaks, Little Italy, La Pizzeria, Aufside, One Lounge, Blue Frog, Residency Club, Tjs Brewworks, Bakers Basket, Polka Dots and many more.

Other Verticals: The Orbis Schools, Ondago, Sweet Memories High School and Boarding, Six Pack Nutrition, Kasturi Housing, Darjja, Totatoo, My TVS Auto-technique, Quick Report, Virtual Bridge, and others.

The industry as we foresee

The digital marketing world is changing by the day. We don't foresee as much as we learn from trends, shifts in consumer behavior and how businesses drive tech and algorithms on the daily. We reflect our expertise by keeping up with the imminent shifts in the digital domain and work on how we are always at par with the changes going on in the market.

A day without Internet

A collective existential crisis- Everything is moving to the screen. In today's Digital Era, a day without the internet is difficult, it's like telling someone to eat without using hands, it's extremely cumbersome, not impossible, but just not something someone would want to do too often.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Hiring Requirement

  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Social Media Account Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Editing and Motion Graphic Specialist
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