Brand Bhuvan Bam – An overview

Bhuvan Bam

This is the story of a Delhi-boy who emerged as a youth sensation on the internet in 5 years. Bhuvan Bam has emerged as a brand sensation.

On the 20th of June, 2015, came into existence BB Ki Vines that dropped a collection of 20 videos. With characters derived from topics that are of huge public interest such as ‘cheesy relationships’ to highlighting how misery plays out in friendship, this channel targeted 18+ audience in India and countries where Hindi is spoken. From the third video onwards, BB Ki Vines also gave a distinctive tune in the end. That jingle remains the same even now, 5 years after the first video was released. Presenting brand Bhuvan Bam.

As the videos gained acceptance by crossing millions of views on YouTube, Bhuvan transformed his videos of 20 seconds to delivering humor in an average of 5 minutes. Humour is not only the cause the audience knows him for, but he has also backed the fight for diminishing various social issues such as slut-shaming, supporting girl child education, breast cancer awareness and many more.

Over the years, Bhuvan has built character sketches of people we often come across, and who make an impact on us yet are not chosen to be taken solemnly. Thus, when humor was paired with these characters such as ‘Angry Masterji’, ‘News Reporter’ and ‘The Salesman,’ the audience labeled Bhuvan as an emerging digital sensation.

However, this was not recognized by India first, BB Ki Vines reached heights of admiration in the neighboring country, Pakistan first.

Being a 26-year-old man from New Delhi, the points that play well for Bhuvan include – high relatability, dark humor, dynamic character sketches, sarcasm, his poetic view of the world and humanizing his content.

Soon, Bhuvan unveiled the artist in himself by launching his original pieces of music, Teri Meri Kahaani, Safar and Rahugzar. In fact, he also played the lead role in the short film, Plus Minus which was later recognized as the winner of Filmfare Award 2019 Best Short Film (People Choice Category).

And while publications such as Rolling Stone, Times Internet, and Grazia approached him, Bhuvan Bam – the brand only observed to be expanding in proportion with time.

In the last few months, brands too have noticed this internet star’s enigma, making him the face of many products. His endorsements at the moment include names such as Vivo, Lenskart, and Beardo.

Here’s a look at Brand Bhuvan Bam and the products and services he represents.





Tasty Treat


Arctic Fox


With this, it can be noted that as the future of influencer marketing holds different dimensions. Bhuvan’s scope of relatability will just simply add value to brands as they gain a millennial audience.