The plan is to do quirky web-series or get into the stand-up space: Jahnavi Dasetty, Mahathalli

Jahnavi Dasetty is an Actor, YouTuber, Entertainer, Vlogger, Designer, and a loving dog-parent. Passionate about fashion and travelling, she takes us through her journey.

Jahnavi Dasetty, a popular Telugu YouTube-r came into limelight with her web series ‘Mahathalli’. She takes us through her journey as she traverses through the world of content creation.

Who are we?

Mahathalli is a girl next door… She is a 26-year-old middle-class girl who shows her everyday struggles. Mahathalli is also known to play various characters in her videos – she plays that of her mother, her teacher, her neighbour and brings out hilarious scenes in an everyday situation. The first video we ever planned isn’t up on the channel yet. It’s been three years. (we still wonder why)

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Did you check out our title track yet? If not, I have given the link in the stories! Please do check it out! A lot of people have put their efforts into making it. I should start off with @narensiddhartha first. When I first had this idea it’s this guy I went to and without me checking on him some 100 times he came up with a super awesome tune and music! Not just the music, he also helped me find this wonderful girl @messymind_artsyhands who penned the lyrics so well. I mean it’s so apt bro!!!! Secondly, @krishnatejasvi who I have always adored and admired the most! You are a beautiful singer and I am so glad to have partnered with you. Thank you Shashank @bshashank96 On whole, this was a collaboration with @jammers.official So, We didn’t have much time. We had exactly five days and were wondering where to shoot! We shot at home, my fav soda and @thedramaland ? Dramaland offers you a number of frames filled with cute, vintage, awesome, Santorini vibe, London vibe and a dreamy vibe. You should totally check them out if you are planning a photo shoot! (Many more pictures coming soon) Thanks guys for helping us with the location! I should thank @bhargav_macharla who helped me put it all together. I had a visualisation in bits and pieces. But it’s Bhargav who brought it all together with some wonderful editing skills by Pradeep. @seshi_kiran Thank you! I hope you got enough pictures ?Thanks Nikhil, Neha, Gau,Sai, Seshi, Chaitu for coming and being there for me. You guys give me strength! Ajju, you add so much to my life that I can’t express in words. Every time I fall, I know I have you to pick me up! And, @sushanth_28 You were not well and still you were sticking by my side! These are the moments when I fall in love with you all over again! . . Andariki thanks cheppesa… Overall ga, meeku cheppali for being so patient and showering me with all the lovely messages. Meeku nacchithe naaku happy! ?? Merry Christmas once again? See you soon!

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Our journey

I was working with Tamada Media on a web-series Mahathalli and Mahanubhaudu. The series was done and I was looking for a job… So, I got up to our founders Rahul and Saideep looking for a job… At this point, I had seen Superwoman and loved what she did. It so happened that Rahul and Saideep were also looking at doing short sketches based on a young woman… and just like that Mahathalli happened. That was three years ago… and now we are a family of 1 Million subscribers with over 160 videos!!

Our family – High-Resolution Picture

When we started it was a four-member team… Me, my cinematographer Jones, creative producer Natasha and our editor Ravi… and slowly the team has grown I have Nikhil – the line producer, Sai – the writer, Seshi the cinematographer, Yuva, Vineeth, Shiva – our editors, Pradeep to do our DI, Sai Durga who does our publicity and Gautami who is the brand manager. Rahul and Saideep pretty our executive producers.

What’s in the name?

Mahathalli actually translates to Superwoman

We create content for?

Unlike most YouTubers, I have over 54% Female audience and her audience is usually between 27 – 45. I also have a slightly older audience which is unusual in the YouTube space

We work with…

I have worked with quite a few brands… Some of the brands I worked with our 5 Star, Tinder, Trivago, Stayfree, Maybelline, Clue, Domex, Sprite, a few more… I have also worked on multiple movie promotions.

We are proud of

We are super proud of the fact that for three years we have released a video every week without fail.

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Stay tuned for…

The plan is to do some really quirky web-series or something new… Maybe get into the stand-up space.

Are, you hiring?

If you are please feel free to share a listing