Conversational Marketing: 10 times Tinder got chatty

Tinder Twitter strategy

Tinder is known to have taken a sassy route on Twitter. As crazy comebacks are unending, Tinder Twitter strategy is focussed on creating conversations for quality engagement.

Tinder has always maintained a casual, informal yet persuasive approach towards social media interactions via Twitter. With the main target group as Millenials, Tinder Twitter strategy keeps the tone sarcastic and aims at high engagement via comebacks to tweets.

From replying to other brands and taking digs at daily happening – Tinder Twitter strategy is focussed on being conversational. Tinder’s Indian and global handles, both maintain the same tone, conveying a consistent brand message to their followers across markets.

Conversational marketing is an industry norm now, with brands such as Durex, Netflix India, Zomato, and more relying on a daily dose of jokes, memes, puns, and brand conversations.

We take a look at Tinder Twitter strategy and the role sassy, timely, and witty conversations play in it.

Moment Marketing on #ValentinesDay

Tinder goes to space?

Relatability level 10/10

College Fests? Swipe Right!

What a player!

Sarcasm game strong.

Oh so LIT!

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As cool as Rahul!

Who even uses words to communicate?

Declaring Brad Pitt, the most eligible bachelor?

Tinder’s ORM strategy has been mainly focussed on being the friend who makes fun of your dates and hates your ex more than you do. Like its product, its social media strategy is aimed at pegging the brand as your companion through singlehood.

While engagement is definitely a plus of the Tinder Twitter strategy, the overall brand image and momentum have been interesting bi-products of Tinder’s social media marketing strategy.