Delhi Politics gets Memefied: AAP, BJP, and Congress play the troll game

Delhi politics troll

Ahead of the elections, Delhi politics gets charged with a mix of fun and hate as political parties use Twitter and memes to troll each other.

With less than a month to go for the Delhi Assembly elections, politics in the national capital is being sprinkled with liberal amounts of trolling via memes. On Twitter, the Delhi arms of AAP, BJP, and Congress are firing shots at each other. A good chunk of such Delhi politics troll attacks target Arvind Kejriwal, the present Chief Minister.

All three political parties are using popular culture to shape their attacks against each other. These include obviously edited images as well as videos. The themes portrayed range from harmless trolling for fun to hateful commentary against each other.

In two instances, Ambuja Cement and Dulux got dragged into the mix when the parties used their advertisements, in edited forms, to put each other down. These ads were mostly met with laughter in the Twitterverse and beyond, without causing much trouble to these brands.

While the staple content shared by these profiles revolve around progress, development and other issues relevant to the constituencies with a layer of political mudslinging, memes here focus mostly on mindless trolling.

Characters and Storylines

Same Format, Diverse Takes

Long format blow gets a quote reply

Trolling on efforts to troll

Commentary on wasted efforts

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Leveraging brand content

Trolling amidst festive wishes

With a few weeks still to go, it would be interesting to see how these memes shape the political communication of regional as well as national elections in the future. Hopefully, the political parties won’t cross lines or get into trouble with the Election Commission of India while doing so.