IIM Indore aims to spread digital literacy with TikTok

IIM TikTok

IIM Indore plans to introduce management, communication, strategy, negotiation and digital disruption modules on Tiktok.

While setting foot in the new era, IIM is collaborating with TikTok to introduce lessons on marketing & business management. These modules will be targeted towards top B-school students, mid-career senior management professionals, government officers, smart city CEOs, bureaucrats, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs to prepare them for management disputes of the future and digital turmoil.

In Prof. Himanshu Rai, the Director of IIM Indore’s opinion, “Partnership with TikTok is to develop new modules of short video content storytelling and implement them in communication, negotiation, marketing, and strategy programs, both in our flagship programs as well as executive programs. This will do good to the community at large to create an India that is equal, prosperous and happy.”

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“We are happy to see that TikTok, through this partnership with IIM Indore, is helping bridge India with Bharat,” shared Dr Subi Chaturvedi, Head, TikTok For Good.

Through Tiktok, millions of young Indians from urban settlements to the smallest towns get the chance to experience the freedom of expression through their original stories. This partnership will enable the spread of content that is meaningful and productive in nature.

In addition, Tiktok also plans to partner with IIM Indore to support the Digital India campaign by conducting digital literacy workshops and organizing hackathons across India to enable the youth in participating in technological and non- technological problem-solving. This will yield better services in the fields of e-delivery and governance.