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BookMyShow's Entertainment ki Nayi Bhasha by BBH India is all about redefining the brand's role from a movie ticketing platform to a one-stop shop for all kinds of OOH entertainment.

‘It All Starts Here’, says Book My Show in its latest brand campaign, Entertainment Ki Nayi Bhasha, highlighting its role as the discovery engine for diverse entertainment offerings.

The campaign traces BookMyShow’s two-decade-long journey, mapping its evolution from an online ticketing giant to full-stack management of entertainment experiences, shifting from a transaction-only offering to a discovery engine that enables wholesome and varied experiences in the out-of-home entertainment ecosystem. The film that will be aimed at audiences pan India has been shot in multiple languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Insight behind ‘It All Starts Here’

Over the last two decades, BookMyShow claims to have been at the forefront of delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences. In its recent campaign, the brand attempts to consolidate its market position and create recall.


According to Marzdi Kalianiwala, Head – Marketing and Business Intelligence, BookMyShow, the campaign attempts to cement the company’s position as India’s go-to entertainment destination, where for entertainment-lovers, It All Starts Here!

The Brief

The creative agency, BBH India needed to communicate that when you get on to BookMyShow you open an entire universe of possibilities.

For a lot of people, BookMyShow is the go-to destination for booking movie tickets. But the idea of what a “Show” is has changed was the thought behind the campaign.


Russell Barrett, CCO & Managing Partner, BBH explained, “We needed a concept that demonstrated the true width of options available on the platform. The creative team at BBH collaborated with BookMyShow to understand and capture the genuine emotion that these OOH experiences create for people. These sounds, expression, and reactions formed a language in itself which mirrored the vowels of the Hindi language. From this was born ‘Entertainment Ki NayiBhasha’.”

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Going the


BookMyShow wanted to pick an approach that a younger demographic in India connects with. Rap as a form of art is penetrating deeper amongst audiences and has become more widespread over the last year. Using rap as a genre for our brand campaign was a natural choice given that the art form taps the right target audience for BookMyShow.

Conceptualization to Execution

Any message for a brand like BookMyShow must itself be entertaining. While the BBH team worked on the idea of Entertainment ki Nayi Bhasha, it needed to be more than just the alphabets.

“An amazing, new, bespoke track was created

and set to the genuine reactions of our audience enjoying these diverse

experiences. It needed to feel modern, young and relevant and we believe this

commercial delivers on exactly these qualities,” added Barrett.

Digital Touch

As an e-commerce platform with its primary medium being digital, BookMyShow’s key target audience is those that transact online making digital the most relevant medium for the brand. The campaign like much of the brand’s philosophy has its core in the digital medium and is tapping all digital engines including social media to spread the campaign.

Kalianiwala highlighted, “We also launched the campaign at select, relevant on-ground locations such as the Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi airports."

"With internet penetration growing on the back of affordable data, there is a lot of consumer time being spent on the internet and hence it becomes important for us to be visible where consumers spend most of their leisure time and have access to content that they are willing to spend on," he explains.

Evolution of

Live Entertainment in India

The past few years have witnessed a substantial increase in the number of Indians stepping out of their homes for leisure to seek social experiences, especially in the live entertainment segment. In 2007, when BookMyShow first entered the out-of-home entertainment space and sold just 61 tickets (live entertainment) in the entire year and by 2012 the rose to millions., with the number only continuing to increase every year.

Until recently, most live entertainment experiences including musicals, theatre, sports amongst others typically saw audiences aged 35 and above. However, in the last couple of years, the category has widened to form a strong connection with younger audiences as well, growing especially strongly for BookMyShow.

“As we look to boost the supply of such experiences to meet consumers’ rising demand, we felt the need to take a more active role in this space by promoting and producing live experiences with a longer-term view in mind,” Kalianiwala shared.

The aim is to

deliver great and memorable experiences to the consumer not just online but

on-ground as well.

The brand began as an online ticketing company digitizing the movie's booking phenomenon. It now also offers services such as artist management, marketing, on-ground execution support amongst others. The brand plans to go bullish in this segment.

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