Instagram launches updated tools for brands

Paawan Sunam
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Instagram updated tools

Instagram has launched updated tools for brands to aid them better understand their community and manage their presence on the platform.

Growth Insights

Updated tools for brands on Instagram include a feature that gives brands and businesses a consolidated view of their follower changes by day or week and also shows which posts and stories are generating most followers. Insights are categorized into three tabs - Activity, Content, and Audience.

Instagram updated tools

Stories About You

This tool accumulates Stories from users that mention your account from the past 24 hours for brands to view as a story at the top of the Activity tab. This feature can prove most useful for sharing customer testimonials and also amplify any influencer activity on their own handle.

Age Gating

Brands will now have the ability to set up an age limit on their Instagram profiles to control who can view their content. There will also be an option to set up a global age limit or keep it country-specific, in case they need to abide by geography-specific policies.

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Previously, this practice was required to follow by default for brands that require an age-appropriate audience, such as the ones that produce alcoholic beverages. Now the brands not belonging to such sectors can also use the feature to put out content only suitable for certain age groups.

Flexible Profile Displays

Share the profile information that works best for your business. With this feature, you have the option to hide contact information and the business-category label on your profile. Learn how to edit your information in our help center.

Instagram updated tools

Secondary Inbox

The option lets brands organize their inbox with primary and general tabs and move messages between the 2 tabs with a swipe. The feature aids brand sort messages and not miss out on important ones.

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