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LinkedIn Pages Live

LinkedIn has announced three new features for Pages including the ability to go live from the page, invite to follow and post as a page.

Kick-starting the new year with new features for the community, LinkedIn has announced three new features for LinkedIn Pages. The intention is to facilitate better communication between organisations, employees and potential associations. The key feature announced is the ability for LinkedIn Pages to go Live.

Stream with LinkedIn Live

The option to go live on LinkedIn has helped brands get 7X more reactions and 24X more comments v/s standard video posts, the platform claims. Now, the platform is opening up the option to pages with a hope that organizations will leverage the feature to have direct conversations and interactions with their page followers. The notifications about a page going live will go out to followers as push notifications if they have it enabled.


Invite to Follow

LinkedIn as a platform is now opening up the option for users to send an invite to their first-degree profile connections to follow their page. The move is expected to facilitate the growth of the organization's audience in the digital world. Understanding that, if misused, the feature can be an inconvenience for the community at large, LinkedIn is also introducing the option to opt-out of receiving invites.

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Post as a page or member

LinkedIn has introduced a toggle switch on the homepage to reduce friction and allow users to post from the same place in either case. The layout has been made simpler to allow for easy posting. The platform hopes to facilitate ways for users to promote their organisation's brand in a way that works best for them.

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