Make Amazon listings ready for 2020

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Make Amazon listings ready for 2020

With Amazon advertising gaining traction in the realm of marketing, Shashank Aggarwal, Lead E-Commerce at Lyxel Labs Private Limited shares two cents on ways to make listings on Amazon more competitive.

Amazon advertising has been putting a dent to advertising duopoly made by Facebook & Google in India and many other countries in which Amazon operates. No doubt brands are shifting their marketing spends from Social & Google network to Amazon because of self-served panel available to run ads, high intent by user to make a purchase, huge traffic on Amazon.

With so many opportunities available on the brand's ecosystem, it is important to make your listing competitive and stand out from the competitors. Let’s look at what a brand can do to make their listings more competitive on Amazon.


You get 200-250 characters (depends on category to category) to write the product title. The title should highlight the brand name, product, quantity and key feature. The key feature could include the keyword you want to target as well which will help you get better ranking on Amazon search.


If you haven’t done any product photoshoot, it's the right time to do it. The first image should be on a white background highlighting the product and the packaging. You can also explain USPs, offering in remaining images with lifestyle images. This influences your final conversion rate as well.

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Bullet Points

The 5 bullet points are really important. You need to highlight all the features of your products in those bullet points. Highlight the ingredients if required, usage and other features. Try to include your keywords here as well as that will again improve your product page ranking.

A+ Listings

Today user is consuming a lot of knowledge before making a purchase online no matter the ticket size of the good is. With so many brands to choose from for a single product, the user tends to look at what all information he/she can gather before actually buying it.

A+ listing allows sellers to enhance their content on Amazon with detailed descriptions around the product, product usage, variants, Indications and other narratives that can make it easy for potential audiences to buy the product. Good A+ (Enhanced) content can lead to higher sales due to better customer education.

All the pointers mentioned above can highly influence a user to make a purchase. So this is something which brands should look at in 2020.

Let’s now look at some of the activities which are under the brand’s control and some which are not, but can influence the sales.



  • Lighting Deals
  • Subscribe & save
  • Amazon Advertising (Search & Display)


Under Control:

  • Competitor low prices
  • Negative reviews
  • Competitor products/competition
  • Season/Time of the month
  • Competitor Brand Loyalty

The article is authored by Shashank Aggarwal, Lead, E-Commerce Advertising from Lyxel Labs.

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