Road to 2020: Content Marketing the 2020 way…

content marketing trends 2020

Vishwanath Shetty lists down content marketing trends 2020 with the advent of experimental platforms like TikTok, and PUBG.

The evolution of Marketing this past decade has been immensely interesting and endlessly fascinating to watch. From barely any YouTube channel being active in India to one of the largest online video consuming countries in the world, the road has just been laid out and content marketing trends 2020 will help you get there.

Content was previously restricted to only the feature films and television – the former also just coming-of-age and the latter set in its structured processes and systems.

However, we saw the rise of YouTube at the start of the 2010s, which evolved into the explosion of social media platforms and OTT video players – both foreign and domestic and ending with the advent of experimental platforms like TikTok, PUBG and more. Having a front-row seat to this content evolution, here’s what I think are the trends to watch out for.

Growth and democratization of superstars

No longer are celebrities and influencers restricted to film stars and TV actors. Today, a Youtuber and TikTok video creator command an equal fan-base, and perhaps more engaging and responsive. User-generated content (UGC) has had a huge growth in India and is most prone to virality due to its authenticity and relatability. UGC will be a very important role in amplifying content on platforms like Tiktok.

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Video will continue to grow through India

I strongly believe we are just getting started in terms of the potential for video consumption in India. The per capita video consumption time, as well as the number of video consumers, will only grow, as more Indians purchase smartphones and come online. An analysis by McKinsey in April 2019 said that falling data rates and cell phone costs will double smartphone usage by 2023.

Voice search, which is in its infancy currently, will be an important focus given many devices like Alexa, Google Home and the tech giants doubling down on their innovations. These devices are set to become beneficial and will make the search experience more delightful. 

When it comes to branded content, Instagram will be the leading platform. Pocket Aces has had long partnerships over short-form and long-form content with companies such as HUL, OnePlus, SBI, Kotak and more to launch an industry-first innovative format on Instagram.

The mobile gaming market is estimated to be 65Bn $, eclipsing established industries like feature films and television. Gaming is the future of leisure time in the world, and it is taking over faster than we can comprehend. Fortnite, a battle-royale video game developed by Epic Games, is one of the largest cultural phenomena in the world – with Netflix calling the game its primary competitor in its annual report.

PUBG is the Indian equivalent, taking over the country by storm ever since its launch. Esports tournaments have more viewership than most global sporting tournaments and their prize money is the highest in the world. In fact, many gaming influencers like Mortal, Dynamo, etc are now big thanks to PUBG and other mobile games. The brands like OnePlus, VIVO and Oppo are already working with them and many brands would want to explore this space for sure. 

Traditional methods of storytelling are increasingly fading. Earlier, big-budget films and TV Shows were greenlit based on gut feeling and intuition. Consumer research has helped companies in this decade understand their needs better but today with technology, the feedback loop has become near-instantaneous and very helpful.

Today, companies are using data to understand consumer insights and tell a great story. For example, All of the biggest IPs for Pocket Aces – such as Little Things, What The Folks, etc are a result of this data-driven methodology. 

The coming decade heralds a rapid change in consumer behavior and therefore communication strategy. Consumers are changing fast, their tastes are evolving, and companies have to keep up and find newer and more interesting ways to reach out to them. In an era of content abundance, the mantra is to ceaselessly innovate or die.

This article piece is authored by Vishwanath Shetty, Vice President – Sales & Brand Solution, Pocket Aces