Road to 2020: Top 3 performance marketing trends for the New Year

Prasad Shejale Performance Marketing Trends

As we kickstart the new year, Prasad Shejale, Founder & CEO, Logicserve Digital, decodes the top 3 performance marketing trends that will rule 2020.

Performance marketing is picking up pace in the digital industry and is sure to grow even stronger this year considering its efficiency and ability to transform the business growth. Here are three performance marketing trends that can help the brand take their business to the next level this year.

Integrated Approach

Considering the changing times and the growing competition in the market, an integrated approach across all elements of digital marketing is highly imperative. It means to involve all teams early in the plan to build an impactful strategy that considers all aspects of digital like Media, Creative, CX, Tech, Data & Insights and also studies the stakeholders, customers, community, etc.

This integration will help design a perfectly tailored integrated marketing strategy that will provide a superior experience to consumers.  With the shifting approach and perspectives, it will surely be incorrect to measure the success of activities basis the same old parameters designed for other approaches.

As the dynamics change, we will need to have distinct parameters for understanding the working of this transformed approach and correctly be able to scrutinize the results and hence the overall performance.

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Zero Party Data

This audience’s first approach will help provide explicit audience interest and preferences across various platforms and analyses the consumer purchase journey. This collected data can largely help in devising the marketing strategies and evaluating its efficiency.

While it’s been a while now that marketers have been using various consumer data for their activities, considering the latest data protection law and the stricter policies for collecting as well as using consumer data, ‘Zero Party Data’ will gain importance. Unlike other types of data, zero party data is something that is proactively shared or self-reported by the users for availing benefits, services, etc. for a smoother customized experience.


With the rise in consumer demands, businesses across the globe are increasingly automating their marketing activities to be able to better engage and retain their consumers.

You will see a shift of human skill requirements from routine role to strategy building role for emphasizing on creating better customer experience by using human analytical skills, etc.

While a lot of debate is going on about automation destroying jobs, I personally don’t feel that will be the case. All it will do is free up the personnel from mundane tasks and encourage them to explore their capabilities and competencies.

This article piece is authored by Prasad Shejale, Founder and CEO, Logicserve Digital.