TikTok may soon launch 'For You' with better UX to attract advertisers

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TikTok may soon launch 'For You' with better UX to attract advertisers

TikTok is may soon collaborate with brands for paid advertising and content curation opportunities in a way strikingly similar to Snapchat.

Joining platforms in the process to organise content for better user experience, TikTok is planning to curate content with an agenda of providing brands with an opportunity to better promote their products. The curated segment is expected to be called For You.

The step will enable the platform to earn higher revenues from advertisers as brands come forth to run showcase their content on the curated feed. Last year, a number of brands had run campaigns exclusively on TikTok. As the platform moves to become an integral part of the social media campaign ecosystem, the move definitely comes at an optimum time.

It can also be deduced how the platform is following the footsteps of its Snapchat, just like Instagram. Both Snapchat and Instagram have similar feeds where content can be discovered. It would be interesting to see how it pans out for TikTok as their diverse userbase continues to bloom.

The feature is likely to pull in more brands to look at TikTok as a platform to reach out to potential consumers. Publishers too are expected to join in the bandwagon. The way users interact and react to the content in the curated feed would be interesting to witness.

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