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Pinned Lists for Android and Schedule Tweets for Web haven't been rolled out on the full scale yet, and Twitter is testing them in the beta phase.

Twitter Product Lead also suggests a troll-rating system to curb aggressive behavior on the platform beside the aforementioned features that are being tested. Understand pinned lists and schedule tweets.

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists, a way to curate a customized timeline with a group of accounts have been around for a while, but Twitter has been testing several tweaks to enhance the user experience.

One of the tweaks was Lists as a swipeable feed. As uncovered by 9To5Google, Twitter is now testing Pinned Lists for Android. Users will be able to pin a list to the main feed and directly swipe to it from Home.

The new uncovered feature seems to be a mix of Lists and the swipeable feed. 9To5Google suggests the feature is identical to the one on the iOS app, in terms of functionality.

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Schedule Tweets

Schedule Tweets is also being tested for the web, with the option placed in the toolbar besides others such as GIF and Location that appears while writing a tweet.

Previously, scheduling tweets was available in the ads campaign dashboard. It was available for advertisers and general users too(free of cost).

But the process was a hassle, getting on the dashboard, entering credit card to gain access, then set up the schedule. With the new option being tested, users would be able to compose and schedule tweets through the 'Tweet' button usually used and timing the tweet from the option within. The feature may be released for the mobile app too.

Troll-Rating System

Twitter's growing number of trolls is cited as 'product problem' by Kayvon Beykpour, Product Lead, Twitter. In a recent interview he gave at CES he suggested a rating system to curb aggressive or abusive behavior that doesn't essentially break Twitter's rules.

A rating system similar to ride-sharing apps, not ditto, but one that scores users' Twitter persona based on their previous activities. As a rating system for a ride-sharing app reminds parties involved to behave, the system suggested by Beykpour is also intended to be on the same lines.

Although, the system may also be abused by trolls and work against the objective it will be designed for.

Screenshot Credits: 9To5Google

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