Whisper Campaigns that tackled period taboos over the years

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As International Women's Day closes in, Social Samosa presents a pack of Whisper Campaigns that attempted to stir a lifestyle of liberal hygiene.

Menstruation and menstrual hygiene are tabooed subjects in India. Moreover, the topic is surrounded by several myths. The sanitary pads brand from the house of P & G has worked to resolve this. Whisper campaigns over the years tapped several of such concerns.

Segments of Whisper's communication convey scenarios wherein consumers are not held back due to menstruation, building up a motivational narrative. The brand also links its products' facets within these narratives.

Whisper's #TouchThePickle by BBDO India had grabbed a Glass Grand Prix at Cannes Lion in 2015. According to media reports, through the campaign 2.9 million women pledged to "touch the pickle jar" and Whisper's share of voice grew from 21% to 91% in its category. The campaign was called India's answer to the Cannes Lions winning 'Like A Girl' campaign by Leo Burnett.

In 2017, Whisper's #SitImproper was rolled out on a large scale, calling out the restrictions put on women when it comes to sitting or conducting themselves in public. In association with TVF's Girlyapa, the brand rolled out a massive content and influencer outreach campaign.

The brand is also credited with The Bomb Squad, a viral film on social media that speaks about the secrecy attached to purchasing pads.

This year, Whisper rolled out #KeepGirlsInSchool bringing to light the startling fact that 1 in 5 girls are dropping out of school each year, usually, once they get their periods.

Dissemination that attempts to initiate a culture wherein girls can freely discuss periods and are not burdened with restrictions form the core of Whisper Campaigns.

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Keep Girls in School

Announcing the End of Period Taboos #TouchThePickle


This Father's Day #LetsTalkPeriod

The Bomb Squad

Open House

Hygienic Protection

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