Delhi Elections 2020 brand posts draw the popular vote

Delhi Elections 2020 brand posts

As Delhi Elections 2020 announced AAP the choice of the capital, brand posts arise representing the moment with creatives.

AAP witnessed a historic win in the Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections 2020 with 62 seats (via Nielsen). Social Media was one of the eminent mediums driving public discussions during this phase. Brands participated in the conversation amongst netizens, with congratulatory brand posts.

The posts offer functional services, multiple choices, and exclusive products are presented with a blend of ‘AAP’ puns, Kejriwal’s mascot-like image, and the party’s electoral symbol.

While brands stay out of most politically-heated conversations, election wins and cause marketing campaigns urging consumers to vote have been delved into previously as well. During Indian General Elections 2019, brands used the state of affairs to an optimum level with General Elections Campaigns.

A look at some of the Delhi Elections brand posts that leveraged the moment.

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Amul India

Pathkind Labs

Nero Couture & Bespoke




Pot Pourri

Beeji Ki Rasoi


Dunkin’ Donuts India


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