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Dude with sign brands

Brands are leveraging a new meme viral internet personality to reach out to potential customers; Dude with Sign brand posts have been catching up.

On the 3rd October 2019, Seth posted two pictures of himself, standing with a signboard that had 'Stop replying-all to company-wide emails' scribbled on it. In the other post, he could be seen standing under a billboard of TV Show Friends with a board that said: Seinfeld is way better than FRIENDS. Over the weeks, Seth garnered recognition for this funny content. Now, brands are taking the Dude with Sign route for topical marketing.

For the unacquainted, Justin Bieber's debut with Seth was a key moment that encouraged brands to jump on the bandwagon. It was a part of Beiber's strategy to promote his new album, Changes, that is slated to release on February 14 this year.

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CHANGES out Feb 14

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Quite a few influencers in India as well as abroad have adopted this trend, however, to see it be a part of brand communication is intriguing.

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Brands have used the trend to put across honest opinions and quirky thoughts. Two prominent cases being that of The Pet Collective and Anne Shute - Esthetician. While the former twisted Seth's narrative to match their own, the latter digitally added phrases to Seth's pictures while resharing.

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A few Indian brands too have hopped on the bandwagon.


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The Souled Store


Globally, The Pet Friendly took on a 'No Pets Allowed' zone by depicting a dog with a signboard that said 'Yes Dogs'. The trend took an interesting turn with an NGO posted a picture of a disabled person holding a signboard with 'Stop looking @ me funny' written over it.

Humour and familiarity persuade hard-to-reach consumers and drive them towards the brand. The signboards showcased in this trend are an inexpensive tool to leverage satire and social commentary via high-quality content.

Modern Machines

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?Feb 14 @hakkasanlv

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Police Fitness Nutrition

Whole Body Healing Center

234 Drive

Physio Inq Mobile + Community

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Exercise Physiologists (EPs) are commonly mistaken for Physiotherapists or are called “Exercise Physiotherapists”. As a result, they are commonly asked how their profession differs from a Physio. ⠀ ⠀ Let’s start with what they have in common:⠀ - Both are recognised allied health professionals who have completed a minimum of 4 years of university⠀ - Both provide services under Medicare, DVA, CTP, Workcover, private health insurance and NDIS ⠀ - Both have to meet professional standards and continuing education requirements⠀ - Both use evidence-based practice ⠀ ⠀ So what’s the difference?⠀ EPs primarily treat patients using clinical exercise interventions?‍♂️as their main modality. They deliver prescription and the education of self massage techniques using equipment such as a foam roller. They can also provide lifestyle modification techniques to promote improved health and wellness.⠀ ⠀ Whereas, Physiotherapists assess, diagnose, treat and manage acute injury, disability and pain through physical techniques such as manipulation, massage?and exercise. They are able to diagnose an injury and provide a prognosis while EPs receive the injury diagnosis and provide a prognosis.⠀ ⠀ Therefore, EPs are engaged in chronic or long term treatment whereas Physiotherapists are engaged in the acute phase of treatment. These 2 professions tend to work alongside each other to help the patient optimise their recovery and achieve their rehabilitation or performance goals as well as improve the activities of daily living.⠀ ⠀ So… How do I know which one I need???⠀ Immediately post injury, it is recommended you see a Physiotherapist for a diagnosis and to have inflammation and pain under control.⠀ After 4-6 weeks post injury, an EP will be able to step in and provide gentle exercises to initiate the recovery phase. Following this, the EP will progress the exercises to suit the end goal.⠀ ⠀ #exercisephysiology #physiotherapist #essa #apa #alliedhealthprofessionals #physioinq #rehabilitation #rehab #acute #chronic #exercise #recovery #medicare #dva #ctp #workcover #ndis #evidencebasedpractice #health #wellness #treatment #performance #dudewithasign

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Esthetics by Annashute

The Pet Collective

Mission Viejo Christian Church

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We'll see you Sunday...#dudewithasign

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Seconde Seconde

Rugby United New York

Pet Friendly Official

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That’s why we are here for ??? @dogswithsign

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Norm's Tattoo

The WOW Center

The Hungry Post

Natural Style Story

The Glazer Team

The Yard Miami

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