Instagram Updates: DMs for desktop & Story sharing

Paawan Sunam
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Instagram Updates

Instagram has introduced several updates for Direct Messages, Story sharing features, and more.

The updates also include an option that streamlines the process of viewing and sharing Stories that mention you on Instagram.

Direct On Desktop

Reportedly, Direct Messages have been added on the Instagram web application for Windows 10. The version of the application that lets you access Instagram externally without requiring the browser also includes a message button on profiles that have added the CTA.

Stories About You

The feature outlines Stories that mention your account and makes it easier for users to view, reply to and share those Stories.

The feature is only available to users with a Business Account or Creator Account. Users will see 'Stories About You' if they were mentioned in a story in the past 24 hours.

Story mentions by private accounts will be added to your Stories About You reel if you follow the private account. If you don’t follow the private account, their mention won’t generate a message and is not added to your Stories About You reel.

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Even if the option to choose whether or not the mentioned account can add the story to their story is toggled on by a private account, the Story won't be added to the Stories About You reel, if you do not follow that account.

Mentions in a story that is shared only with their close friends, will not be added in the Stories About You reel unless your account is public and included in the Close Friends of the person posting the story; your account is private, you and the person posting the story follow each other and you are included in their Close Friends.

The feature that was first found to be testing back in July 2019, would be beneficial for brands and creators on the platform to share customer testimonials and appreciative messages. The feature is available in the Create mode.

Reactions for Direct Messages

Instagram is testing Facebook-like reactions for Direct Messages. The feature remains unreleased for most users but the tests have been confirmed by Alexandru Voica, EMEA Communications Manager, Engineering, Facebook.

Camera Effects

The platform has also introduced new Camera Effects and augmented reality filters.

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