Thappad makers urge viewers to 'report' their latest trailer on YouTube

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Taapsee Pannu pushes the audience to take a stand against domestic abuse and make the second trailer of Thappad as the most reported video on the internet.

Thappad by Anubhav Sinha is all set to propagate against domestic violence in Indian households on 28th February 2020. While the ">first trailer of the movie launched on 31st January 2020, the makers released another glimpse on 11th February. However, this was not just a trailer, but a request urging viewers to take a stand against domestic abuse in any way possible.

In the second trailer, the whole setting of the dinner party remained the same as the first trailer. However, the scene featuring the husband slapping his wife, played by Taapsee Pannu, was followed by a twist. Anu directly looks into the camera and delivers a message, pushing the viewers to stand up against domestic violence, even if it a slap. In this case, by reporting content (like this trailer) that shows or endorses Domestic Abuse.

The clip had a simple message - It is not okay to show a video where a woman is beaten up. The 'Report' button should be utilized for its purpose.

Taapsee is seen urging the viewers to make the video, the most reported video on the internet and get it deleted from YouTube. The steps taken by a user to report a video were also demonstrated.

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While the strategy revolves around making the video, the most reported trailer in the world, it also implies that the views on the video are increasing with each report. The trailer has received 1.2 million views in two days.

While getting the trailer banned from YouTube can be an interesting movie marketing tactic, it also makes the Internet a safer space. A space that does not tolerate brutality.

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