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Making the platform slightly more similar to Instagram and Snapchat, TikTok this week added the feature to pin stickers on videos.

The newly launched feature will allow TikTok users to pin stickers on their videos in the content creation stage. When pinned, the sticker will become an object in the clip. It will stay in place even as the creator moves about in the video. The users will also get the option to change the size of the sticker relative to the video's movement.


Now Introducing: STICKER PINNING! Pin stickers to your videos and make magic happen.

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Users can access the feature by tapping a slightly peeled away face emoji with two eyes icon on the editing page. After placing the sticker on the video, they will have to tap on it to select the option to pin it to the video. The users will also get the option to select the duration for which they want the sticker to stay put in the video.

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The feature is pretty similar to sticker usage options on Snapchat and Instagram. Such moves are bound to reduce the lines of differentiation between these competing platforms. It also reflects the growing popularity of videos as a tool to be share one's creative best online.

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