TikTok now lets you upload videos via desktop

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TikTok upload videos

Users can now upload videos via the web version of the majorly mobile-native app, TikTok.

The options to customize settings while uploading more or less remain the same. You can upload videos in the MP4 or WebM format, with supported resolutions being 720p or higher and video length being up to 60 seconds on TikTok Web.

India holds the second-highest number of TikTok users globally with an estimate of 73 million users. From January 2018 to August 2019 it has managed to penetrate 30% of all Indian smartphones. Now with an option to upload content via the web version, the penetration through desktops may begin.

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While a streamlined uploading process is a one up for the platform to attract users on desktop, TikTok is radically a mobile-native app, most popular for its vertical format.

Only time would tell, whether users would prefer using the web version. Although, social media managers handling accounts on multiple platforms can improve efficiency with the feature. As previously the web version would point a user to the mobile app.

Brands have not been ignoring TikTok's growth, and several such as Lays, Center Fruit, OLX, Flipkart, Calvin Klein and many more have been executing campaigns via Hashtag Challenges, UGC driven tactics, and more to leverage the platform users.

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