Brands share love with Valentine’s Day 2020 campaigns

Valentine's Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020 campaigns preach youthful love through rap spot, social causes, and vox pop technique this year.

Valentine’s Day 2020 campaigns take an edgy turn. While advertisements over the years have had romance as the main element, it can be witnessed this year that brands have left the definition of Love up to the viewers.

Chupa Chups, being a candy brand took a youthful approach towards the campaign. Divayoga conducted a vox pop featuring candid answers by opinion leaders asking their perception of self-love.

Little Hearts collaborated with Gen Z actress, Ahsaas Channa, and rapper, Kaam Bhaari. The campaign added elements of relatability by inserting references of Tinder, one-sided love, rap, and Netflix and chilling. Alexa’s advertisement portrayed the dependency on the product to order flowers and create a perfect date setting. Contrary to the idea of traditional love, Salman Khan was portrayed by Pepsi in the Swag Se Solo campaign taking pride in embracing singlehood.

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Brands were also witnessed to shift their focus to social causes. Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance’s advertisement revolved around the initiative of donating an organ, Big Bazaar portrayed a husband translating his romance into sign language. Manforce alerted couples to choose a safe space via #YouAreNotAlone. ShareChat carried out a campaign preaching #LoveYourLingo through its vox pop spot and Mahindra Rise paid a tribute to the martyrs of Pulwama attacks.

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