Agency Feature: Blue Whistle

Blue Whistle

How do we define Blue Whistle Advertising?

Blue Whistle Advertising is a digital agency based in Patna, started in the year 2018 with a team of 5. Today, we are a team of 14 in the city.

What’s in the name?

‘Blue whistle’ was a name that was chosen after a lot of brainstorming. We are the whistlers who hustle to bring together the sky and sea therefore blue is our color.

What do we do?

At Blue Whistle, we aim to help people fall in love with brands. We’ve help data, technology, and creativity converge.  

The slogan ‘Let Creativity Echo’ is what we have been focusing on.

Why we do it?

We love brands and creativity.  We aim to bring our imaginations to portray what helps the brands to stand out.  

How we evolve?

We believe in growing with the trend and thinking out of the box. Challenging our own thoughts and ideas is something we do each day in order to be able to bring out something unique in our work.

Social responsibility in social media

In today’s fast-changing world, agencies carry an influential status in real as well as virtual lives of the masses. Social media’s reach has expanded to even the remotest of places and has also become a source of information for a large number of people, owing to which, agencies have a big responsibility to do the right thing.

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The need of the hour

Change is the only constant in the hour and the need is to work with the rapid shift taking in the field of advertising every day. It has become essential to have something a brand can hold on to in the long run.

We learned the hard way

Fall seven times stand up eight!

Working and failing and working again is our motivation and it keeps us going. There are times when too many of our clients need their work done within the same time limit and that is the time to stay calm and understand things in order to deliver them all with ease.

Did we just share that?

There was one client of ours who, in the very start of our campaign with them assumed us as an amateur and was in doubt on the concept of media marketing adding much value to their brand. We just smiled at it until our work spoke for us.

They work with us

Some of our clients are:

  • Ratnalaya Jewellers.
  • Hotel Amalfi Grand
  • Chhapaak Water park
  • Kokomojo Café
  • LBW-Lounge Before Wicket
  • The Red Velvet Hotel
  • Café Hideout

The industry as we foresee

The future is going to see tons of changes that too in a short period of time and it’s up to the creators to stay aware of them and do their bit in terms of adaptation.

There is a constant debate of quantity vs quality regarding the platforms, which demands the need for balance on the agency’s part.

A day without Internet

A day without internet might be a nightmare, but sitting with the team brainstorming over each other’s thought process and ideas are something we usually do.  Therefore a day without the internet for us is connecting over ideas, which is fun and productive.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are hiring – Client servicing executive and Graphic Designers.