Agency Feature: TCQI

TCQI agency

How do we define TCQI?

While talking to so many entrepreneurs and companies, we noticed that there was this gap that was stopping them to connect with their target audience. While everyone was focusing on sharing their new products, USPs, & more, they were missing out on an important angle – the Brand Story.

Telling your story is a critical part of building your brand. Do it right, and your products will automatically start selling. The key here is to authentic because you are building for smart consumers. This is where The Color Quo Inc helps companies.

We do this with a mix of social media, influencer, print, and video marketing.

What’s in the name?

“THE COLOR QUO INC.”, COLOR symbolizing a world of creativity, QUO meaning quotient or existing status quo and INC as in ink, required for writing. We wanted to select a name that had an abbreviation which could be easier to pronounce and use. As TCQI does all things creative we definitely wanted to use a word that explains that and what better than ‘color’.

What do we do?

We run on an agency business model i.e we succeed when other businesses (our clients) succeed in communicating the right message to their target audience. We aim to provide 360-degrees marketing services, right from branding and packaging to video production and influencer engagement.

We service business of all sizes, spanning across major industries like Hardware, Real Estate, Beauty, and Consumer Products.

Our services are divided into 5 categories namely the Branding Quo, Brand Campaign Quo, Social Media Quo, Influencer Quo, Video Quo, and Print Quo. These services are customized and packaged to clients according to their unique requirements.

Why we do it?

At ‘The Color Quo Inc (TCQI)’ – we have a strong belief that marketing in 2020 and beyond is really about the stories you tell and how you tell them. Storytelling and marketing are like a power couple. Brands got to catch up on that.

How we evolve?

We try to stay ahead of the curve by creating a high level of interest through engaging storytelling and functional design. As an agency, we believe in adapting authentic content into various platforms that keep gaining user interest. 

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Social responsibility in social media

We keep social responsibility as a priority at TCQI, whether it is talking about social issues, being conscious of news around. Keeping our clients away from misinformation or protecting the privacy of the people who interact with us online. These areas and guidelines will keep evolving with time. We make sure our team undergoes social responsibility activities as well – both online and offline. 

The need of the hour

The key areas we focus on are transparency, responsiveness, respect towards privacy, meaningful conversations and equal opportunity.

We learned the hard way

Conveying the importance of meaningful conversations over just “likes” to our clients: It’s no secret that brands often fixate on likes and followers on social media as a measure of popularity. But this obsession has to stop as the audience grows in intellect and the way they want to engage with brands. Together we determine the right metrics both quantitative and qualitative with the brands we work with.

Another one would be to never underestimate the sway of micro-influencers, who have smaller, better-defined audiences. 

Did we just share that?

Brief changes are something we have dealt with on the last of the last minute when it comes to clients. This results in a panicky but a great learning situation. We have tested many fun content styles on our own agency handle – the latest one being a brand mashup.

The industry as we foresee

Brands must drive broad reach using the public feed while taking to private channels to focus on one-to-one engagement. The rise of TikTok and IGTV presents a new opportunity for bite-able, consumable visual content. While the audience trust in influencers is only going to increase. An agency’s main work will be to connect all these dots for 360* results for their clients. 

A day without Internet

We would sit back, take a breathe, before we get back to the screens, planning a growth strategy for the next client.

Lastly, are you hiring?