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Dove Campaigns

Dove Campaigns over the years have sketched out the real image of beautiful and set sight on keeping the atmosphere around beauty free of typecasts.

Along with resulting in a proposed ban on advertisements promoting fair skin, campaigns setting unrealistic beauty standards also fuel inferiority complexes. In such a scenario, Dove from the house of Unilever takes an alternative approach.

Dove's communication through their marketing campaigns intends to implode beauty stereotypes and redefine 'beautiful'. Their campaigns remark the current culture around beauty in India and how women are affected negatively by it.

Their social experiment 'What beauty means to young girls?' shows how women can succumb to fake beauty standards at a young age and how the culture of 'Princesses' and 'Snow White' can affect their mentality.

More Dove Campaigns such as 'Choose Beautiful' and 'Real Beauty Sketches' aim to influence women to give themselves the validation one looks for everywhere else.

Along with being ingenious while influencing a positive change, their campaigns are also an inspiration for effective marketing. Real Beauty Sketches won 19 awards at Cannes Lions, most being Gold, followed by Bronze and Silver, along with a Titanium Grand Prix.

Their campaign 'Evolution' created in association with Ogilvy & Mather Toronto won a top award in the film category at Cannes Lions and it was also a 2007 Creativity Award Grand Prize winner.

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What beauty means to young girls?

Shattering Beauty Stereotypes

What do you think counts as beautiful in India today?

Choose Beautiful

Women around India are saying something nice to their hair

Real Beauty Sketches

Have you faced pressure to be beautiful?


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