Comprehensive List of Agencies 2020 – Why should you enroll?

Comprehensive List of Indian Advertising Agencies: 5 benefits for organizations

With the rapid proliferation of advertising and marketing agencies in India, Social Samosa created a comprehensive list of Indian Advertising & Marketing Agencies. But what are the benefits of getting featured on the list? Here we go.

As per the KPMG report 2019, Indian advertising revenue is expected to grow at a CAGR 14.5% from FY19-FY24. In such a competitive environment, more & more agencies are proliferating the A & M landscape. How do brands find the right agency suited to their ethos in a communication-oriented environment?

Helping brands and agencies find the right fit, Social Samosa created a comprehensive Indian agency list, listing agencies – network and independent, 360-degree solutions and specialized, regional and national, et al. The comprehensive list has over 1000 agencies from the nooks and crannies of India, creating a one-stop destination for all A & M needs.

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With Social Samosa updating list for 2020, we list down the benefits of getting enlisted in the comprehensive list of Indian Advertising & Marketing agencies?

A one-stop guide for all A & M needs

The collated list of Indian agencies comprises all the Indian advertising firms in alphabetical order under one roof. Brands and even agency leaders can refer to the list for all their agency-related needs. Thus it becomes quintessential to being listed on this a one-stop junction as brands attempt to find their right partner.

Better SEO for your agency

With an SEO system in place, the comprehensive list of Indian advertising agencies also backlinks the agencies to their websites. With more backlinks and visibility, getting featured in the list invariably improves the SEO for your agency.

Reaching the right set of audience

From being a specialized agency to a full-service agency, from being a digital agency to an integrated marketing agency, one of the most pertinent factors for any agency is to reach the right set of audiences and get noticed for their work.

One of the advantages of getting featured on the collated list is to get noticed by brands and consumers.

Now, that you are aware, what are you waiting for?

If your agency is not listed on Social Samosa yet, fill in the form here or write to [email protected] to get yourself enrolled! The final list of Social Samosa’s comprehensive list of agencies in India will be announced on 15th March 2020.

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