[Download] Crisis Management templates for quick reference

Crisis Management

With heightened emotions and turbulence seen on social media, a crisis is inevitable and awareness of crisis management is key. Here are two quick template guides that can help you create communication that engages, instils hope, and serves the brand purpose.

A crisis is essentially a surprise. It could be a negative comment that blows up or a tweet with misinformation about your brand. Do you have a plan in place to rule out the trolls with just enough aggression? What if the concern put up by the netizen is factually correct? Can you contain the long-term risk it can pose to your brand’s reputation? Is your team trained in crisis management? 

In the current scenario with COVID-19 affecting businesses the world over, the importance of crisis management has grown significantly. It is evident that brands must brace themselves for the challenges that are yet to come and keep communication tools sharp and oiled.

One of the most important tools you will need on your side is internal communication. Keep all stakeholders in sync with proper information flow. Don’t evade media enquiries! At every step, have something you can tell people at large. If you need more time to investigate, tell them that too.

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There may not be a quick solution, however, there is always information. Frame it properly and be mindful of the language you use. In times of a crisis, people need your assurance but it shouldn’t border on negative sentiment. Be human. 

When dealing with a crisis, should you continue with the pre-planned content and paid ads? Would it seem insensitive if you were talking about everything beautiful as hell was breaking loose in the vicinity? Are you monitoring the responses and apologising and reasoning with netizens whenever it seems apt? Are you making people heard and letting them know you care about their concerns?

In such situations, your mind matter could swirl around in circles. Sometimes, it helps to have quick references in place. Talkwalker has recently released two template tools — Crisis Communication Roadmap and Crisis Plan Checklist — that can help you minimise the risks. You can download by filling the form below.

Talkwalker Crisis management templates