Facebook rolls out ‘Mood’ mode for Stories

Facebook Stories

Facebook launched a new mode for Stories called ‘Mood’, with Stickers, GIFs and more for each mood.

The latest creation mode for Facebook Stories has a description for each mood. For instance, a slate of GIFs to aptly describe each mood which can vary from ‘Stoked’, ‘No Chill’, ‘Love’, ‘LOL’, ‘Cool’, ‘Bored’, or also the presently trending moods.

How to use ‘Mood’ mode for Stories

  • Tap the ‘Add To Story’ option on your Home Feed
  • Swipe through the different modes and tap on ‘Mood’
  • Scroll through the different moods and select the one that aptly describes your mood
  • You can also use different frames for a GIF, use a gradient or a different background or add text

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Currently, Instagram offers more modes and tools to create engaging Stories. Mood, is another basic addition to the other create modes on Facebook such as Music, Boomerang, Poll, and Selfie.

In other news, at present Facebook is struggling to stay up & running. Quarantine and Work From Home practices have resulted in unprecedented usage of the Facebook family of apps.

Messaging on Instagram and Facebook soared by over 50 percent, while group calls in Italy jumped by more than 1,000 percent.

Mark Zuckerberg in an interview mentioned, “We’re just trying to keep the lights on over here”.


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