How to measure TikTok campaigns through Creator Marketplace

Paawan Sunam
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TikTok feature

Brands will be able to analyze metrics such as engagement and audience breakdown of their campaigns in real-time with the new TikTok feature.

The feature is available in TikTok Creator Marketplace, a resource for brands to find creators and TikTok's official platform for brand & creator collaborations.

To monitor metrics such as views, engagement (likes, comments, shares), and audience breakdown (gender, age, markets), tap 'My Activity' within your TiktTok Creator Marketplace account and then tap 'Campaign Reporting', click the campaign name or search by 'CampaignID' or a Creator name.

You can generate a report of the campaign's CPV and CPE outcomes, by entering your creator costs at the top of the screen. To compare video-level data and creators under a single campaign, simply click a video under the campaign.

TikTok feature


Click 'Export data' to extract campaign data in CSV format to share campaign reports with your partners. Disclosing the nature of the video with the 'sponsored' tag in the first place is integral for checking metrics.

TikTok feature


Branded Content has been thriving on the platform, with campaigns such as Navneet's #SmartTayari raking 3.4 million views, TikTok being a part of AAP's social media strategy, and Indeed attempting to reach a new demographic with #IndeedPeDhoondo. More and more brands are willing to put in a chunk of their spends, TikTok is steadily gaining a substantial share of social media ad spends, otherwise dominated by Facebook.

TikTok has also been monetizing the platform with shoppable features and sponsored content. They recently also inked a strategic partnership with Merkle Sokrati to develop the best practices emerging from high impact digital marketing campaigns for Indian brands.

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