TikTok tests shoppable platform features

TikTok shoppable

TikTok is testing the option to add links in bio and posts; shoppable feature reportedly available to high performing creators.

There has been a rise in the number of influencers on TikTok and the interest shown by brands in running campaigns on the app. Making TikTok shoppable is perhaps the most obvious and interesting next step for ByteDance. This is especially true given how Facebook is taking proactive steps to stay relevant for brands by giving them better access to insights. In a tweet, TikTok marketer Fabian Bern shared how TikTok is launching ‘link in bio’ and ‘social commerce URLs’.

Only a select few creators have access to this option at the moment. It is expected that the feature will be rolled out to all users at some point, especially in China. TikTok will call the feature Shopping Cart.

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When in use, the links will help influencers nudge followers to visit a website to buy the product they are endorsing in the byte-sized video they have created for the brand. This step will help TikTok become shoppable and compete with Facebook-owned products, especially Instagram.

As of April 2019, India has 120 million monthly active TikTok users. The app has seen various big brands such as Lays, Bingo!, EPIC Channel, itel, ITC, and more. TikTok has seen exceptional reach in the Indian markets, especially in the Tier II & III towns and cities. How the shoppable features work back home will be interesting to see.