Infographic: Social media crisis management 101

infographic social media crisis

This infographic will help you limit the unavoidable – a social media crisis – through planning and a few internal investments.

Any brand having a social media presence is prone to negative coverage by consumers or media. A social media crisis can severely damage a brand’s reputation and have a lasting impact on the brand image.

A digital strategy or a social media execution plan isn’t enough to keep a social media crisis a bay. A crisis can stem from anywhere anytime. It may be due to your brand endorser opining their thoughts in a politically heated debate, misrepresentation of a community, the badly timed launch of a campaign, unawareness of real-time happenings, insensitive communication or even none of the above but something random remotely associated to your brand.

While a crisis can occur for a number of indefinite reasons, there are also factors that a brand can work to manage it and take timely measures.

It is also advisable for brands to stress more on having a social media crisis management plan & team in place specifically for Twitter.

In recent months it has been observed that the #Boycott trend surfaces frequently on the platform. As Twitter shows highly-discussed topics in real-time through ‘Trending’, a crisis inflates faster on Twitter than any other platform.

The following infographic by PR daily dives into the social business hierarchy of needs and how planning and internal investment can help a brand avoid a social media crisis.

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infographic social media crisis