Inside: Tata Power ’s social media strategy to engage with GenZ

Tata Power 'I Have The Power' campaign

With a focus on GenZ, Tata Power tapped on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for ‘I Have The Power’ and subsequently saw a 26% increase in followers on LinkedIn and saw a conversation rate of 46% on Facebook.

Tata Power Company’s social media is currently buzzing with contests around ‘I Have The Power’. Meanwhile, a particular radio station is playing the ad jingle and asking its listeners to download the same. With these two activations and more on other mediums, Tata Power is harping on sustainable living and make us #FutureReady.

Shardul Thakur, a member of the Indian Cricket team has been brought on board to create awareness around the company’s foray into sustainable and green solutions. The objective behind this partnership is to inspire Millennials and ‘Gen Z’ to build a sustainable India & make a difference by contributing to a cleaner tomorrow.

Objective – #IHaveThePower

Through this campaign, as Shalini Singh, Chief – Corporate Communications and Sustainability puts it, Tata Power aims to promote the core message of opting for environmentally friendly means of consuming energy by highlighting the company’s range of smart and sustainable solutions and services like Solar Rooftop ( I have the power to generate savings from my rooftop), EV Charging ( I have the power to reduce emissions) and Solar Micro-grids ( I have the power to build India) that Tata Power now offers to its customers.

Thakur will be donning the role of change-agent in the brand’s new endeavors and will be a part of all the messaging. Through geo-targeting, the campaign will also make its way into 30 major Indian cities.

Creative Thoughtprocess

The brief shared with Access Designs was to curate a campaign that creates awareness about opting for environmentally friendly means of consuming energy and giving the choice in the hands of people to choose a sustainable living.

Also, the most imperative need was to change the perception of Tata Power from being a conventional brand to a brand that is futuristic, aspirational and a brand of Millennials and Gen Z.

Jayesh Porab, Founder- Access Designs shared, “We thought of leveraging on all the platforms that our TG is on and posting all the content in a form that resonates with the TG.”

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The 360-degree campaign which kickstarted on January 20 is spread across 3 months in 3 phases with Digital, ATL & BTL being the key platforms and has been curated & designed to educate the company’s stakeholders about the various new offerings of TATA Power & the benefits attached to it on a personal & global level.

The agency team claims to have taken a few bold steps to be on platforms like TikTok that they thought did not resonate with the conventional personality of Tata Power but are glad that it took this route. Having a brand ambassador on board was a decision that was taken later.  

Role of Digital

Porab shares that the brand decided to explore meme culture, TikTok marketing, Snapchat, Influencer marketing – all to reach out to the right audience.

Snapchat – While the campaign is currently running on Snapchat in the form of stories in the discover section, the company will be attributing all the contest related videos on this platform. Going forward, it might even consider having a, “I Have The Power” filter on the photo-sharing app.

Tik Tok– Tata Power collaborated with 4 leading Tik Tok influencers wherein they made a video on, I Have The Power ringtone and challenged other people to do the same. Brand ambassador, Shardul Thakur, too joined in. The challenge was extended to external and internal stakeholders with the incentive of winning one night stay at the Taj hotel.


##ihavethepower ##tiktok_in ##futureready ##sustainable ##tiktokcontest ##gogreen ##tatapower @tatapowercompanyltd ##imsharad

♬ original sound – TataPower


Tata Power’s ‘I Have The Power’ campaign is now live and you can download the ringtone from here. ##FutureReady ##GoGreen ##Sustainable

♬ original sound – TataPower

YouTube Ads – Youtube skippable ads were created to amplify the campaign.

Quora – Since Tata Power has just started posting on Quora, it is trying to understand what kind of questions and queries are being raised and is preparing responses basis that understanding.

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – Contests and Polls related posts are being shared along with ‘I Have The Power’ GIF’s. Tata Power is also leveraging channels like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories through influencer activities around the campaign.

Influencers such as Gaurav Sharma, Hiren Waghela, and @shaffafsp on Instagram.

Further, on radio, the campaign jingle is being played in Mumbai on Red Fm and in Ajmer on Radio City. CEO and MD, Praveer Sinha and Shardul Thakur will also be interviewed on Red FM. Further, 20 BEST and AC buses in Mumbai and Delhi on busy routes have been branded with campaign creatives.


According to the company, Influencer marketing posts have collectively garnered a reach of 773,000. The ringtone that was launched in continuation of the brand AV garnered 2000+ downloads.

I Have The Power to Love – Tata Power’s Valentine’s Day video garnered 38000+ views within a week. Tik Tok influencer marketing garnered 750,840 views. 190+ people have shared the Tik Tok videos so far.

Tata Power Company’s LinkedIn followers increased by 26% organically with the best engagement rate of 53%. Facebook also had a maximum conversation rate of 46% followed by Twitter of 37%.

Meanwhile, 500+ participants engaged in the ongoing ‘I have the Power’ contest wherein they have to share their superpower.

Tata Power, through its energy and resource conservation initiative ‘Club Enerji’ has been devising campaigns that promote responsible advocacy amongst future generations and aims to lead the change.

“Switch off 2 Switch On” focused on the need to conserve electricity by switching off appliances when not in use. The second leg of this campaign was, “I CAN” wherein the company roped in kids to imbibe the idea of how everyone has the power to make a difference.