Instagram tests Gift Cards & Donation feature for business accounts

Paawan Sunam
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Instagram business accounts

Instagram is working on setting up 'Links' from Stories Stickers and Profile to sell gift cards and ask for donations, for business accounts.

Business accounts on Instagram may soon be able to set up options on their profiles, so customers can help the business sustain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic is depleting small businesses, start-ups, and the food industry at a faster rate than the deteriorating economy. Many businesses are struggling to sustain, and some don't have the funds to support their employees or keep their business alive.

To aid the scenario, Instagram is working on an option called 'Links' in the 'Profile' tab, allowing business accounts provide ways through which their customers can help them get through the difficult times.

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Users can also add a 'Support' Sticker on their Stories and add purchase options. Along with setting up links to sell gift cards, and ask for donations, businesses can also offer delivery options.

There is an option to choose a service provider to sell gift cards if a user doesn't use any of the services listed by Instagram, they have an option to set one up and connect it.

While there is not much information available, the gift cards may be similar to the ones offered by several businesses, you can purchase it for yourself or someone else, to redeem it by buying a product at a later date. The feature may help SMBs get through till the lockdown ends if users turn their empathy tangible as this isn't even charity.

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