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About the platform

In this digital age - where love is just a swipe away and wishes at your fingertips, enters Tring! An online platform launched in December 2019 - that connects people with adored celebrities for personalized messages.

Tring was founded by Akshay Saini, Rahul Saini, and Pranav Chabhadia. Combined, they have an experience of 2 decades to handle businesses.

Whom do we cater to?

India is a celeb crazy country. Down south one could find temples for superstars like Rajnikant. The movie industry is like a religion for people in India. Hence, every fan for whom access to celeb was a dream is an audience for us - tier 2, tier 3 cities and NRI audience to be more specific.

What do we offer to our consumers?

To gift a personalized message from the celebrity, the users have to register on the portal, choose from 2 options – Video or Direct Message. The message gets delivered within seven to fifteen days to the Instagram handle provided.

Messages can be for any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary, Promotion at job, get well soon, a happy journey for a long tour, achievements in academics, etc.

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What motivated us to startup?

Digital growth is the fastest growth any company has seen hence we wanted to start a digital company. India being a celeb crazy country this idea was perfect fit. Digital revolution in India motivated us to enter this industry.

What's in a name?

TRING - The name signifies the sound of 'telephone'. That is the first sound that represents any person connecting to another over a distance. Hence, going retro, TRING helps fans to connect to their celeb.  

How do we see Social Media?

Our audience is mainly from 18 - 35. So young, smart and enthusiastic is the feel of our social media platforms. We are mainly focussing on Instagram as we believe, most of our audience would be on that platform. You can check us out on this.

Currently, we are...

One of the biggest celebrity portal for digital products like video shoutout and DM on instagram. We are also a gifting portal with long lasting emotional value. We have more than 350 celebrities in various categories. More than 50 orders are answered. 

Our biggest challenge was...

Convincing celebs to come on-board with Idea- explaining the product to audience for the first time- determine sweet spot to reach proper value for money.

We want to dominate the world by...

Delivering lakhs of videos to users to create positive ripples in society- getting thousands of other celebs onboard quickly- focussing on foreign markets going forward 

Lastly, Are you hiring?


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