Social Media Campaigns Round Up ft. Holi, Women's Day, OYO India & more

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Here’s to another week of some impressive work from brands and agencies all over the world. Check out some of the social media campaigns that were rolled out this week.

Social Samosa’s weekly digital marketing and social media campaigns roundup this week features Holi and Women's day Campaigns, OYO India's social media strategy and more.

Emojis – a vehicle for engagement campaigns

We take a look at emoji campaigns executed by brands across FMCG, Broadcast, BFSI, Sexual Wellness, and other industries, decoding how an emoticon helped them cross barriers and create engagement while keeping it simple. Read more here.

World Kidney Day brand posts promote well-being

World Kidney Day brand posts align with the day’s 2020 theme and intend to apprise consumers about subjects ranging from prevention till detection. Read more here.

A look at Cannes Lions Social & Influencer category winners 2018

This article explores Cannes Lions Social & Influencer category winners 2018, taking a look at the campaigns that dominated the digital industry, globally. Read more here.

No Smoking Day brand posts spark creativity

The pack of No Smoking Day brand posts is filled with inventive ideas that aim to drag the filthy habit out of smokers’ lives. Read more here.

Holi Campaigns 2020 attempt to bring people together

Holi 2020 has filled the bucket of campaigns, smeared consumers with bright colors and offer a side of creative posts. Read more here.

Fevicol rides the ‘Tide’ with Holi post

Fevicol took on Tide with a play on the brand’s most iconic tagline in a Holi topical post, inviting a banter over Instagram comments. Read more here.

How influencers helped Mountain Dew expand the scope of a TVC

Over the last decade, the brand philosophy of Mountain Dew has remained rooted in Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai. Yet, a lot has changed with the influencers they involve. Read more here.

Panasonic’s new campaign establishes its Connected ACs as the best

Have you ever woken up cold because of your AC? An instance where you really wish to have completed that sweet dream? If yes, the new Panasonic campaign is bound to hit home pretty hard! Read more here.

Influencers help brands amplify women’s day campaigns

Social Samosa takes a look at some of the most prominent women’s day marketing campaigns executed by influencers for brands this year. Read more here.

Some new messages, some old: Women’s Day Campaigns 2020

Women’s Day Campaigns 2020 bring in social experiments, inspiring narratives, women’s issues, and purpose-driven initiatives. Read more here.

Axis Mutual Fund shares an antidote to the tax fever

To make people aware of tax savings, Axis Mutual Fund took a satirical way in a new campaign, featuring the antics of a popular detective and an emphatic news anchor. Read more here.

Inside: Tata Power ’s social media strategy to engage with GenZ

With a focus on GenZ, Tata Power tapped on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for ‘I Have The Power’ and subsequently saw a 26% increase in followers on LinkedIn and saw a conversation rate of 46% on Facebook. Read more here.

Decoding: OYO India Social Media Strategy

Social Samosa takes a look at how OYO India uses social media to promote its couple-friendly offerings and other comforts. Read more here.

#SSIPLWatch: How Swiggy & Zomato rained sixes with their marketing strategy

Social Samosa takes a look at the Swiggy & Zomato IPL strategy, in an attempt to understand what both the brands rely on in order to make the most of their investment. Read more here.

With language at heart Angrezi Medium Movie Marketing captures social media

With the film hitting the screens today, Social Samosa takes a look at the Angrezi Medium movie marketing strategy which thrives on the Hindi-English banter. Read more here.

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