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Komodo Innovations

How do we define Komodo


Komodo Innovations is a group of like-minded individuals to provide digital branding as creatively as possible.

We focus mainly on offering web design, website development, and mobile app development solutions that are grounded on aesthetics and functionality.

What's in the name?

As the famous quote goes, “all art is but an imitation of nature”. The name Komodo is inspired by the king of lizards, the Komodo Dragon. We aspire to achieve the mightiness of the beast in dominating the focus-driven competitive market and to achieve new realms of perfection in redefining the core of digital branding.

What do we do?

We are primarily focused on web design and website development. We have also expanded into building mobile apps that capture the users’ attention, as well as their admiration.

Why do we do it?

The core drive behind Komodo Innovations is to help brands establish their digital presence, and improve the experience for their users through efficient websites.

The brands are powered by strong conversion rates through elegant websites, the society gets better with digital experience while interacting with such brands, and we get to be the forerunners in the digitization revolution that’s unraveling throughout the everyday lives of the people.

How did we evolve?

We always test our limits and keep pushing. One thing we follow rigorously is to keep our eyes and ears open for new trends and updates happening in and around the industry. We keep on innovating and experimenting with the firmly founded sets of data and facts we have.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media and live digital content consumption have brought us closer than ever. However,  we should acknowledge that the internet is a sensitive place. The caution and attention we put into being a responsible citizen should also cover our digital spaces.

As a company that’s at the core of digitization, we take great care in each of our steps. Being the stakeholder comes with its own brand of responsibilities that venture deep into the popular concerns that surround the internet. Our morale drives our actions and that’s deeply rooted in a utilitarian thought. The space that we own inside the internet is of an open, thoughtful common ground where everybody can express their views but none are immune to positive criticism.

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The need of the hour

We are growing to be a digitally empowered society, and that too at a rapid pace. Along with the perks also comes challenges and concerns that we need to address. In order to fully utilize the power of the internet, and to keep our citizens safe, we have to be cautious and explore deeper into the experiences of the internet.

We learned the hard way

There’s no one hack or shortcut to success. The quality of the service/product always goes hand-in-hand with branding and marketing.

Initially, we were too focused on making the best website possible for our customers. Then we understood growth can only be boosted through spreading the word across platforms through engaging content.

They work with us

We have clients from USA, Canada, Belgium, and India.

Marla Dukharan, Bold Magazine, Investing Have, Jesson and

Company, Dexter Simon, MEA Tec inc, Samar Solutions, Intelligent applications

The industry as we foresee

The influence of online presence and

digital marketing in India is immense and is growing rapidly. Recent statistics

and studies have shown us that an average Indian spends as much as 4-5 hrs on

the internet. The number of online shoppers has gone upwards of 100 million by

last year, and by the rapid increase in the number of internet users and

efforts from the government in the form of Digital India, these numbers are

only going up. This means being present and active over the internet, and especially

social media, is almost a necessity for our brands.

A day without Internet

Unless we are faced with a transformational cultural shift or alarming global event, a day without the Internet would be something we’d greatly enjoy. It’s true that the internet runs everything, but we believe life’s worth experiencing being detached from the mindless chatter on social media and glancing across the real world.

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